Stardew Valley: A Complete Guide To The Greenhouse

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Stardew Valley is a farming simulator that attempts to replicate the typical four North American seasons and their effect on your livelihood, crops, animals, and daily routine — among other things! It's one of the unique touches that have made fans fall in love with this title all over the world.

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As you unlock more and more content and become a better and better farmer, dealing with seasonal changes will be easier and easier. One way this happens is by using the Greenhouse, a building where you can grow crops indoors, away from the elements, and even out of season! We've assembled this guide so that you're able to take full advantage of this upgrade.

Unlocking The Greenhouse

When you start your farm and begin to clear away the debris, you'll notice some old ruins where a building once was. This is all that remains of the Greenhouse. Here's how you can get it back in working order:

If you're restoring the Community Center by giving your items to the Junimos, you'll need to complete all the bundles in the Pantry. Once that's done, the Junimos will come overnight to rebuild the Greenhouse!

If you've replaced the Community Center with a Joja Warehouse, you'll need to pay Joja and Morris 35,000g for the Greenhouse option on the Joja Community Development Project. At that point, a Joja crew will rebuild it for you.

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Size And Other Basic Info

The Greenhouse building takes up a 7×6 space on your farm. If you don't like where it naturally exists on your farm, Robin will be able to move it for you once it's fully built; just go talk to her when she's attending the desk at the Carpenter's Shop and move it like you would any other building.

Inside your brand new Greenhouse, there's a 10×12 farmable plot of land for you to use! Some things to keep in mind about any plants you grow here:

  • rain doesn't water them
  • you don't need scarecrows
  • they will never be hit by lightning
  • crops from any season can grow here at any time, simultaneously

There's a trough of water on the northern wall of the Greenhouse where you can refill a watering can.

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What You Can And Can't Grow Inside Your Greenhouse

All crops can grow inside a greenhouse, and plants from different seasons will grow alongside one another just fine.

There are just two things that won't work inside a Greenhouse:

  1. Bee Houses don't produce honey if they're in a Greenhouse
  2. Giant Crops won't grow inside a Greenhouse

Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees grow perfectly well inside your Greenhouse! They're a little unique because they can grow on the normal farmable land, but they can also grow on the edge of the Greenhouse outside the usual boundaries, where crops couldn't grow. As long as you don't place any decorations down, they'll grow just fine!

If you've grown a few fruit trees outside, you'll know that they're a bit picky about how and where they grow — they need to have their own 3×3 square, completely empty and not overlapped by another tree's 3×3 square. If there are any decorations, paths, etc., inside their square, they don't grow.

As a result, you might fret that the decorations that come with the greenhouse along the walls of the building will stop their growth. Thankfully, since you can't interact with them, the tree registers that space as empty and grows anyway. Once the Tree is fully grown, you're more than welcome to place decorations or paths between them. The only place they can't be planted is in each of the corners.

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Optimizing Your Greenhouse Layout


One of the first things you'll notice about your Greenhouse is that the Sprinklers, regardless of the type, don't fit perfectly into the plantable area.

Hardcore fans have come up with a few options for setting up your greenhouse, depending on personal preference and your access to better types of Sprinklers.

Image Number And Type Of Sprinklers Number Of Plants You'll Be Able To Grow
Stardew Valley - Greenhouse - how to optimize quality sprinklers, diagram
  • 16 Quality Sprinklers (take up 12 crop spaces)
  • 108 growable spaces
Stardew Valley - Greenhouse - how to optimize iridum sprinklers, diagram
  • 6 Iridium Sprinklers (take up 4 crop spaces)
  • 116 growable spaces
Stardew Valley - Greenhouse - how to optimize iridum sprinklers with pressure nozzles, diagram
  • 4 Iridium Sprinklers With Pressure Nozzle Upgrades (take up 2 crop spaces)
  • 118 growable spaces
Stardew Valley - Greenhouse - how to optimize iridum sprinklers with pressure nozzles, diagram (1)
  • 5 Iridium Sprinklers With Pressure Nozzle Upgrades (take up 1 crop space)
  • 119 growable spaces

Fruit Trees

The maximum number of trees you can grow inside the Greenhouse is 18. There are several possible layouts to achieve this, but we've displayed one option above.

If you're using a Sprinkler layout where some of the Sprinklers are outside the plot of growing land, you may need to move them until the tree has fully matured (as mentioned previously, it can't grow if there's something too close to it) — make sure you have at least one space between any Sprinkler and any growing tree.

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