Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Extended Free Trial is Now Available

Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition - Seth

Capcom is making some big moves with Street Fighter 5 with the next Season Pass featuring a ton of returning characters, including Akira Kazama from Rival Schools. That’s in the future though. Anyone who’s excited now and hasn’t hopped aboard the Street Fighter 5 bandwagon can avail of the free trial now.

This is for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition and provides access to all 40 characters for a whopping two weeks. It’s also currently discounted by 25 percent so those who enjoy the experience can pick it up cheap. With all of the stages, fighters and updates released till now – along with the majority of cosmetics – it’s truly the definitive version of the game.

For the long term, it seems that Street Fighter 6 may currently be in the works. Insider Dusk Golem indicates that it was supposed to release next year but faced problems in development (with director Yoshinori Ono apparently being demoted). There’s a new director now and things are seemingly back on track but we’ll need to wait for more details in the coming years.

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