Suicide Squad Announcement Teased for August 22nd

Suicide Squad

After months, possibly years of rumors, Rocksteady Studios has finally confirmed that it’s working on a Suicide Squad game. Furthermore, in a recent tweet, it teased an announcement for August 22nd at the DC FanDome event. An image of Superman with a Suicide Squad-stylized crosshair over his head can be seen.

There’s quite a bit to unpack about this. Batman: Arkham Knight, the studio’s last major title, released in 2015. Ever since then, Rocksteady has been rumored to be involved with a number of titles, from a new Superman game to Justice League. In June 2020, a report by Eurogamer indicated that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was the developer’s next project and would be unveiled in August.

If nothing else, the tweeted image seems to confirm that the death of the Justice League will be the major premise. We’ll have to wait for more details in the coming weeks but at least it’s something. Now, as for WB Games Montreal and its rumored Batman: Court of Owls game (which may or may not be Batman: Gotham Knights)? Maybe it’ll show up, maybe it won’t. Time will tell.

Target locked – #DCFanDome – August 22. #suicidesquadgame

— Rocksteady Studios (@RocksteadyGames) August 7, 2020

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