Suicide Squad Reportedly Began Development In 2016-2017, Still “A While” Before Release – Rumor

Suicide Squad

So out of the blue today, Rocksteady decided to confirmed they are, in fact, working on a game based on Suicide Squad that will be unveiled at DC Fandome later in the month. It’s long been rumored this was the case, but the developer decided to remove all doubts it seems. Rocksteady has been radio silent ever since the release of Arkham VR in 2016. We don’t know a lot about this game right now, but we do have some new potential information about when it started development, and when we can, and cannot, expect to see it on shelves.

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier took to his official Twitter to talk about the surprise announcement. There he talked about the Suicide Squad game from WB Montreal that was canceled (you can read about this through here), and that Rocksteady’s take came into being roughly somewhere in the late 2016 or early 2017 range. Despite that, Schreier does say not to expect much more than a tease at Fandome, saying the game is still a ways off. As always, take these types of reports as rumor, but Schreier is one of the more reliable sources.

We’re not even sure what the game will be called at this point, though a recent website registration points to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which matches with the recent tease. DC Fandome will be on August 22nd, so we will, hopefully, get a better picture then.

Some added context for today's announcement: WB Montreal was working on a Suicide Squad game until it was canceled in late 2016. At some point (end of 2016? 2017?), Rocksteady started theirs. The game will be teased at DC Fandome, but I wouldn't expect it for a while

— Jason Schreier (@jasonschreier) August 7, 2020

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