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Super Bomberman R Online now has a release date, and Stadia players will be the first to get access to it. Next Tuesday marks the launch of the upcoming battle royale title, which is making some changes to the basic formula of Super Bomberman R in order to help it be better suited to the battle royale genre.

Though Super Bomberman R has been around for a while now, Super Bomberman R Online is something completely different and exclusive to Stadia. Using the same game engine and general concept as the former, this new title will feature no single player elements, instead relegating players to online multiplayer exclusively. It’s claim to fame will be 64 player battle royale games, a series first for the Bomberman franchise which typically only hosted around four players per match, though some games did have more than that.

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The game will be free on Stadia for those with a Stadia Pro subscription, but only until November 30th. After that point, Stadia Pro players can still get the game for free, but must pay an extra $10 if they want the premium version which comes with new characters and abilities. Those with Stadia Base will simply have to pay the $10 for the Premium version to get all the content available within the game.


Super Bomberman R Online will feature sixteen separate, classic Bomberman Arenas that will close off over time. This will force players into tighter spaces with each other, simulating the shrinking circle feel of other battle royale games. The 64 player count is no doubt a reference to one of the most popular games in the franchise, Bomberman 64: The Second Attack, and should make for some crazy battles.

Super Bomberman R Online releases on September 1st for Stadia.

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