Takeshi and Hiroshi Available Now on Nintendo Switch

Takeshi and Hiroshi

Oink Games have announced that Takeshi and Hiroshi has launched on Nintendo Switch, during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase.

Taking place both with a stop-motion puppet world and within a game, Takeshi must create an RPG game for his sick little brother. He must strike the balance with how strong enemies are however, to ensure it is not too difficult or too easy. The game had previously launched on November 8th, 2019 for iOS.

You can find the Nintendo Switch trailer below.

You can find the full rundown (via Nintendo) below.

A puppetoon about two brothers.

“Takeshi and Hiroshi” combines the two worlds of puppet animation and Role Playing Game. It tells the story of two brothers and their daily life. The 14-year-old Takeshi, a game designer to-be, is creating a game for his weak little brother Hiroshi who always wants to play the next chapter of the game as soon as possible. As the game is still in the making, Takeshi has to improvise and secretly plays some of the monster roles himself. It is Takeshi’s goal to make Hiroshi really enjoy his game, let him meet big challenges, but preferably to prevent him from losing. He has to choose which monsters shall appear when and struggles more and more as the challenge for him as a game creator becomes increasingly difficult.
As a player of this game you dive into the two worlds of puppet animation and RPG to follow the story of Takeshi and his brother Hiroshi. It is a wondrous and different type of game, you should definitely try.

Takeshi and Hiroshi is available on Nintendo Switch, and iOS.

Image: Nintendo

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