Tell Me Why Chapter Two Launches September 3rd, With Chapter Three Coming September 10th

Today’s Xbox Games Showcase was an interesting mix of newer announcements as well as some more information on previously announced titles. One of those was Dontnod’s Tell Me Why, a narrative adventure game about two siblings who have to piece together conflicting memories of their past. While the game isn’t directly connected to the Life is Strange series, it clearly takes a lot from it, including its episodic nature. But you won’t have to wait long for this story to conclude at all.

At the event, it was announced that the first episode, which they are calling chapters, will launch near the end of next month. The developer said they would be working to reduce time between chapters, especially since the last Life is Strange title suffered huge delays. They weren’t kidding, apparently, as this will effectively make this title a weekly one.

Tell Me Why‘s first chapter will release on August 27th, the second on September 3rd with the third, and final, chapter coming September 10th. The game will launch for both Xbox One and PC, with it being confirmed to be backwards compatible with Xbox Series X.

The only way to move forward is to keep looking back.

✨Chapter 1: August 27
✨Chapter 2: September 3
✨Chapter 3: September 10

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