The Elder Scrolls Online – Nightfall Crown Crate Drops & Rewards

The Nightfall Crown Crate is the 15th crate season for The Elder Scrolls Online, launched in June 18, 2020, and probably lasting until mid-September, based on the previous crown crates’ dates. There’s a heavy vampire / undead theme that follows Greymoor’s aesthetics, and couldn’t be more appropriate for ESO’s world!

As always, we are providing high-quality 4K screenshots of each individual item included in Nightfall crates, in order to make it easier for you to browse the available items, and gauge whether it’s a crate worth investing for you!

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Nightfall Radiant Apex Rewards

Cursebound Lichsteed (Mount)

An iniquitous blend of magic created this unhallowed mount. From its baleful glow to the corrupt lanterns that drift about it, this steed serves liches, necromancers, and other wicked beings with undying loyalty.

Cursebound Senche-raht Darkfang (Mount)

Zarnor, seeking to quench his insatiable curiosity, took part in experimental rituals that twisted and marked him. Though he still seeks to satiate his ceaseless desire for knowledge, he does so to free himself from servitude to loathsome masters.

Cusebound Sabre Cat Prowler (Mount)

This creature is dominated by the oppressive energies of Coldharbour, bound to its master by a vile pledge to Molag Bal. Though it lacks the ability to act without command, the simmering rage bottled inside the beast grows with every passing day.

Nightfall Apex Rewards

Accursed Death (Polymorph)

Become one with death, allowing it to flow from within you and change your very appearance. This Polymorph will also override any currently equipped Personality.

Cursebound Bear (Mount)

Bears afflicted by a necromancer’s curse become baneful, easily enraged beasts. Loyal only to their masters, these transformed ursines show no fear in the face of danger, making them excellent battlefield companions.

Cursebound Horse (Mount)

Glorious and deadly. Majestic and haunting. This well-armored steed serves its master faithfully, though its nightmarish appearance once inspired rumors of a ghoulish nature in the area around Cragwallow.

Cursebound Kagouti (Mount)

This fell monstrosity inspired Maestro Efnort of the Bards College to write the poem “The Red-Eyed Terror of Zthenganaz.” In truth, this steed most often chooses intimidation and flight tactics over direct confrontation.

Cursebound Sabre Cat (Mount)

The roar of a sabre cat bridled by a deathless curse shreds a soul to pieces, or so say those at the Bards College in Solitude. Yet that doesn’t deter ambitious necromancers from trying to tame these frightening creatures.

Cursebound Wolf (Mount)

Teeth. Lots of sharp teeth. Jutting from gums pulled back in a mirthless, rictus grin. Eager to devour anyone in its path. Yet if you’re brave enough to ride it, those frightful teeth will eagerly snap at your foes.

Resplendent Sweetroll

Resplendent Sweetroll, Apex Consumable, Scalecaller Crown Crate (image by Zenimax Online)
Resplendent Sweetroll, Apex Consumable, Scalecaller Crown Crate

This is a small house item. This item can be converted to a large number of Crown Gems.

Nightfall Legendary Rewards

Ancient Nord Gate

This is a large house item.

Druadach Mountain Bear (Mount)

Originally tamed and bred as mounts by the ancient Grimfang Reach clan, these riding bears became popular among Nords who captured them in raids. Despite their inherent docility, these bears anger swiftly when threatened.

Falkreath Frolic (Emote)

Join in on the exuberant folk dance of Falkreath!

Frosthaunt Glister (Skin)

“Be it icy gales or vengeful souls that drag ye into the Sea of Ghosts, your fate will be the same. To join the reef of frozen dead in the frigid depths. Locked in ice as dark as that abyss for all eternity.”—Frig the Stormrider

Greymoor Lycanthrope Axe

An Outfit look for one-handed axes in the Greymoor Lycanthrope style.

Greymoor Lycanthrope Bow

An Outfit look for bows in the Greymoor Lycanthrope style.

Greymoor Lycanthrope Greatsword

An Outfit look for two-handed swords in the Greymoor Lycanthrope style.

Greymoor Lycanthrope Shield

An Outfit look for shields in the Greymoor Lycanthrope style.

Greymoor Lycanthrope Staff

An Outfit look for staves in the Greymoor Lycanthrope style.

Greymoor Tapestry, Harrowstorm

This is a standard house item.

Karthstalker Sabre Cat (Mount)

The dramatic black and white coloration of this lithe mount makes for striking entrances. Watch out, though! Karthstalkers show affection by trying to groom your face.

Karthwatch Jarl Finery (Appearance > Costume)

Established to create an impregnable border between Skyrim and the Reach, Karthald Hold maintains a war footing year-round, and its jarl stands at the ready to leap to the defense of Skyrim in this regal mix of satin and steel.

Morthal Jarl Finery (Appearance > Costume)

Let skalds wear silks! The stalwart rulers of Morthal require sturdier materials. These rustic, oiled leathers are lined with the down of waterfowl, providing warmth and comfort befitting royalty even in the damp, cold wetlands of Hjaalmarch.

Runic Seabrume (Skin)

Enter crashing waves to take part in an ancient ceremony known only to the clever women of Skyrim. Runes bind your blood to the tides, and your skin mirrors the sea’s restless waters. To what end? Only time will tell.

Tame Lightning (Emote)

The power of lightning crackles between your fingers. Impressive!

Vampiric Fountain, Bat Swarm

This is a standard house item.

White Spotted Courser (Mount)

Bred for speed and battle, the White Spotted Courser holds a special place in the hearts of war historians due to their prominence as cavalry mounts in the Battle of Dragon Wall.

Instant All Research, Major (Consumable)

Instant All Research, Major, Crown Consumable (image by
Instant All Research, Major, Crown Consumable (image by

Reduces each in progress Blacksmithing, Clothing, and Woodworking Research Timer by 7 days. If a Research Timer has less than 7 days remaining, it will be completed.

This item has no cooldown.

Grand Gold Coast Experience Scroll (Consumable)

Grand Gold Coast Experience Scroll, Crown Consumable (image by
Grand Gold Coast Experience Scroll, Crown Consumable (image by

You gain a 150% Experience Point bonus from all sources for 1 hour. The timer pauses when you are offline, and resumes when you return.

Created by a Priestess of Meridia, for whom time is relative.

Nightfall Epic Rewards

Accursed Gray Reliquary (Memento)

Not all reliquaries contain sacred remains or serve as memorials for departed family members. Some harbor evils that were meant to be forgotten—bury them once and for all!

Brown Steeple Bat (Non-Combat Pet)

“People blessed by these brown bat companions experience very few issues with insects. They love hiding in your pack during the day, and they’ll keep you bug-free while you sleep at night.”—Tanandra, Scholar-Errant

City Isle Tunic Dress (Appearance > Costume)

Designer Diocletia says, “For a true Imperial, simple does not mean unsophisticated. Our City Isle Tunic Dress is inspired by the elegant lines of Second Empire attire, but updated with a contemporary bias cut.”

Dappled Cactus Bat (Non-Combat Pet)

“Sometimes called Friends of the Caravan, these black-and-white bats migrate among cacti stands in arid regions. Trackers follow their guano to find hydrating, safe cacti when in need. Easily trained to be a companion.”—Tanandra, Scholar-Errant

Dibella’s Crescendo Tam (Appearance > Hat)

Stand out from the crowd with this dramatic tam! Crafted from the finest fabrics in High Rock and blessed by priests of Dibella, this hat promises to give you a pop of eye-catching splendor any bard would envy.

Frostbite Spider (Non-Combat Pet)

“Though I lost many trained frostbite spiders to those who took them for an aggressive infestation of Solitude, I moved outside town and now give them away. They are trained, venomous, and ready to follow you in your travels!”—Hlokela of Solitude

Innkeeper (Appearance > Costume)

“If an innkeeper dresses like a soiled bar rag, imagine the state of the linens. You want to run a respectable establishment? Dress the part!”—Medresi Grulathil, Tailor

Play Tiny Violin (Emote)

This emote allows you to fully express just how … ahem … sad you find something—no words needed!

Psijic Cosmic Starburst (Emote)

Is that a new sun? A falling star? No! It’s an exhibition of your psijic power. Glorious!

Shadowswift Bat (Non-Combat Pet)

“Normally you don’t see these black bats because they prefer caves and other areas avoided by people. However, if trained, these fellows consider you a member of their colony and hate to leave your side.”—Tanandra, Scholar-Errant

Snow Throat Fruit Bat (Non-Combat Pet)

“Pure white, these bats, making them hard to see in wintry conditions. But give one a bit of banana, and it’ll stick close to you for a while. With a constant diet of bananas and other fruits? You are its boon companion.”—Tanandra, Scholar-Errant

Spirited Soubrette Round Cap (Appearance > Hat)

Entertain your audiences with flair and verve by donning this flamboyant cap. With its playful plumage and wide brim, this hat promises to command the eyes of the audience while shading yours during sunny spectacles.

Thrall’s Arterial Map Body Marks (Appearance > Body Markings)

Make the lives of those vampires around you easier by helping them see where your veins run. After all, the quicker they’re sated, the quicker you can get back to what you were doing before you became dinner.

Thrall’s Arterial Map Face Marks (Appearance > Face Markings)

When you’re a thrall, it’s helpful to ensure that every single vein in your body is visible so that those feeding off you can find the best sources of blood.

Wayrest Canto Chapeau (Appearance > Hat)

Delightfully frame your face using a jaunty chapeau straight from Wayrest! Enhanced by a feather plucked from one of Elsweyr’s terror birds, this hat is as inspiring a performance as the artist wearing it.

Instant All Research (Consumable)

Instant All Research, Crown Consumable (image by
Instant All Research, Crown Consumable (image by

Reduces each in progress Blacksmithing, Clothing, and Woodworking Research Timer by 1 days. If a Research Timer has less than 1 days remaining, it will be completed.

This item has no cooldown.

Major Gold Coast Experience Scroll (Consumable)

Major Gold Coast Experience Scroll, Crown Consumable (image by
Major Gold Coast Experience Scroll, Crown Consumable (image by

You gain a 100% Experience Point bonus from all sources for 1 hour. The timer pauses when you are offline, and resumes when you return.

Created by a Priestess of Meridia, for whom time is relative.

Nightfall Superior Rewards

Alabaster Jerboa (Non-Combat Pet)

Need some happiness in your day? The Alabaster Jerboa is your answer. Its hopping and air-dancing acrobatics can bring a smile to even the grumpiest Dark Elf.

Bards College Skald Body Marks (Appearance > Body Markings)

“A Skald is more than a musician. A song more than sound. Let this ink dance around your form and write the music of your soul upon the canvas of your skin. All who look upon you will hear the tempo of your heart.”—Artist-Adept Aimira

Bards College Skald Face Marks (Appearance > Face Markings)

“Paint Dibella’s beauty in gentle strokes upon your cheek so that all will know your muse and feel her touch when you caress the hearts of your audience.”—Artist-Adept Aimira

Bite Me (Emote)

An obvious request for a vampiric blessing.

Blood Scion Razorguard (Appearance > Major Adornment)

Elegantly deadly, this gold head adornment captures the graceful menace of vampiric prowess. Each exquisite blade on the razorguard receives the blessing of the Blood Matron, granting it—and its wearer—prestige among even the most ancient vampires.

Forsaken Sacrifice Body Markings (Appearance > Body Markings)

“Nord peace offerings to Giants bear markings similar to those the hulking folk wear, as a sign that they are free to take. The practice of tattooing exiles in this manner is still common among remote communities.”—Fadile Senoril

Forsaken Sacrifice Face Markings (Appearance > Face Markings)

“Nords are known for leading short, but vigorous lives driven by passion. Those with Giant sacrificial markings on their faces? The fire of life burns brightest in those with looming shadows cast over them.”—Fadile Senoril

Karthwatch Guardian Body Tattoo (Appearance > Body Markings)

The Nords of Karthwatch’s garrison are the first line of defense against incursions from the Reach. Many emblazon their bodies with the knotwork tower of their heraldry as a symbol of their bravery and a mark of pride.

Karthwatch Guardian Face Tattoo (Appearance > Face Markings)

Upon their one-year anniversary of service guarding the border of the Reach, members of the Karthwatch garrison have an informal tradition of getting a knotwork band tattooed across their foreheads to signify that they held the line.

Karthwatch Spangenhelm (Appearance > Hat)

Tested in battle after battle, the Karthwatch Spangenhelm proved itself as indomitable as Karthald’s tower redoubt. With this helmet, you have nothing to fear from the beasts of the Reach whether they walk on four legs or two.

Morthal Jarl Circlet (Appearance > Major Adornment)

Supple mammoth leather forms the basis of this commanding circlet, which convincingly imitates that worn by the Jarl of Morthal. The metal focal point integrates Morthal’s heraldry, adding a hint of flair to this handsome band—and to any who don it!

Ponder Poorly Dawn Map (Emote)

“Huh. Wait. No. Maybe this way? No? Who drew this so-called map?”—every adventurer ever

Rihad Coffee Scorpion (Non-Combat Pet)

The Coffee Scorpion gets its name from the way they like their kaveh in Rihad: strong, dark, and sweet. (Well, I guess two out of three isn’t bad.)

Seafarer’s Crowning Trim (Appearance > Hair)

The wind-swept waves of the Sea of Ghosts is no place for bare heads, fanciful hats, or a loose shaggy mane. Keep your locks bound as tightly as your sails with these ropy braids and horker-tusk charms and you’ll have no fear of the harshest gales.

Traditional Wizard’s Cowl (Appearance > Hat)

When you’re a mage, sometimes it’s important to be able to peer out with menace and mystery from beneath the drooping rim of your stitched leather Wizard’s Cowl. Otherwise, how will the common herd know you’re a master of magicka?

Tu’whacca’s Sphynx Cat (Non-Combat Pet)

“These fastidious cats bring the blessing of Tu’whacca and hold a place of honor within their chosen homes. Further, they often start sleeping with any who near death, and thus we venerate them as guides to the Far Shores.”—Tanandra, Scholar-Errant

Twilight Striped Lynx (Non-Combat Pet)

Decades ago, Nords whispered stories of a reclusive dark-furred lynx that ate spirits barred from Sovngarde. Imagine the Nords’ surprise when they found these lynxes domesticated as tent guards during a raid on Reach natives.

Umbral Snarl Body Markings (Appearance > Body Markings)

You, the prey, survived one of Hircine’s hunts untouched by all who sought to kill you, earning Hircine’s respect—and his brand in the form of these umbral markings. Stand proud, for you outwitted the best hunters in Tamriel.

Umbral Snarl Face Markings (Appearance > Face Markings)

The Huntsman selects prey for his games carefully, for weakness makes for poor sport, but few are wily and tenacious enough to survive the honor. Those who do carry these umbral markings along with their scars.

Whiterun Mottled Goat (Non-Combat Pet)

Known for both their stubbornness and their ability to climb on structures at the worst possible times, the Whiterun Mottled Goat picks a favorite person and tries to follow them. Affectionate? Only if you find gentle headbutts to be so.

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