The Last of Us Part 2 Grounded Update Out on August 13th

the last of us part 2

As noticed recently via PlayStation Trophies, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2 will be receiving a new difficulty in Grounded. It goes live on August 13th with a rather substantial update that also adds Permadeath mode. Check out the trailer below.

Grounded should be familiar to fans of the first game, limiting the amount of crafting materials and ammo significantly. Enemies are stronger and Listen Mode is gone while certain HUD elements have also been turned off. Permadeath is more straightforward – die once and the game is over. You can choose to tackle it with checkpoints for each chapter or act, making it tougher but still manageable.

Along with new Trophies tied to these modes (which aren’t needed for earning the Platinum trophy), some neat modifiers have also been tossed in. About 30 new graphics modes, from an 8-bit style to sepia tone, are being added along with modifiers for one-hit kills, unlimited ammo and more. Improvements for the accessibility of the Ground Zero encounter, Enhanced Listen Mode and more are also coming.

Check out the full update page here for more details. You can also read our review for The Last of Us Part 2 here.

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