The Medium Confirmed For Xbox Series X Launch Window; Production Is One Of Bloober’s Biggest

The Medium

While we’re close to the launch of a new generation of consoles, as if often the case, most of the games we’ve seen for them is cross generational. We’ve really only seen a few true, blue next generation titles. One of those is The Medium, a Silent Hill-influenced survival horror game that made quite the impression when it was revealed in May. The game comes from Bloober Team, and as you almost certainly noticed, it looks to be a much bigger production than their previous output, and you’re quite right there.

In an interview with the Polish arm of Business Insider, CEO Piotr Babieno talked about the game’s production, saying it was one of the largest the team had taken on with a budget of PLN 30 million, which equates to roughly €7 million. Just for comparison’s sake, the other next gen title they are working on, Observer: System Redux, only has a budget PLN 10 million. He says they see The Medium as the beginning of a move to higher budgets for them in the horror genre (thanks to Wccftech for translations).

“Flows have been increasing since 2017. We are jumping from the current production of medium-sized games in the price of about $20-29 and we will enter the shelf for about $49-59. I would like to point out that when I say “higher budget” I mean our genre, i.e. horror, and not the level of Witchers or Cyberpunk . Horror, like in a movie, is a more intimate experience.

“In the case of Medium, it will be above PLN 30 million, and Observer System Redux – we will fit below PLN 10 million. These are amounts that include production and marketing together.”

In the same interview, he referenced The Medium has coming to the “startup window” of the Xbox Series X, confirming they are aiming for the launch window of the system. The game will also come to PC.

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