The Medium – New Trailer Highlights Dual-Reality Gameplay

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At the Xbox Games Showcase, a new trailer was shown off or Bloober Team’s upcoming psychological horror game The Medium, and it put the spotlight on the game’s most unique feature- Dual-Reality gameplay. The Medium will see players diving into two different worlds – the real one and the one belonging to spirits – and both will play a major role in gameplay as well.

Two worlds will be rendered simultaneously, and players will have to navigate both at the same time. Bloober Team are describing it as “never-before-seen” gameplay, and apparently, it’s “officially patented”. The trailer shows some brief but very interesting look at the same. Take a look below.

Bloober Team certainly haven’t been shying away from talking about the ambitious nature of The Medium since they announced it. Supposedly different from any of their previous works (which definitely looks to be true so far) and influenced by Silent Hill, The Medium is a game that, according to its developers, simply wouldn’t have worked on current-gen consoles. With a budget of around €7 million, it is Bloober Team’s biggest production to date.

The Medium launches later this year for Xbox Series X and PC. It will run in 4K, feature ray tracing, and have no load times.

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