The vibrant and colorful first person survival game “Among Trees” available in Early Access




We have finally arrived at the cabin! After years of development and hard work, we are proud to announce that Among Trees is available in “Early Access”!

Among Trees is a vibrant first person survival sandbox game, set in a colorful wilderness filled to the brim with life; from dense forests and lakes to dark caves. Customize your cabin, go fishing, camp, survive the cold night, the hunger and deadly beasts roaming around your surroundings.
Extend your cabin with new crafting stations, storage, plants and more. You can go fishing,  camping, cook, grow your own vegetables, scavenge materials for crafting and survival, and craft new and better clothing. Explore the world of Among Trees while  staying hidden from roaming creatures in the dense forest and the many more things you can discover in the game.
We hope you will join us in this journey! “Early Access” means that you have access to a version of a game that is still being actively worked on. You can help shape its future by providing valuable feedback (bug reports, suggestions,…) to us so that together you can all work on the best final version of the game!

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