Tiny Build buys Hello Neighbor developer

Hello Neighbor

Tiny Build has acquired Dynamic Pixels, the developer of Hello Neighbor.

Tiny Build says that they plan to invest over $15 million into the franchise, which includes the investment into the development studio. The new team is called Eerie Guest Studios and is based in Hilversum, Netherlands.

“We are working on more acquisitions to strengthen the brand and investing heavily into cross-media,” says Alex Nichiporchik, CEO of Tiny Build. “During COVID-19 we saw a major spike in free and subscription-based content, showing a trend towards value-driven entertainment.”

Back in April another Tiny Build game property, Totally Reliable Delivery Service, was featured for free on Epic Games Store. That game is also available for free through Xbox Game Pass.

Hello Neighbor tops 40 million players

Meanwhile, Hello Neighbor has never been more popular than it is now. The game – which is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS – now has over 40 million players. The game’s audience primarily consists of children 8-16 years old.

In addition to video games, Tiny Build released a book brand that brought in $16 million worth of sales. The fifth book in the series, Grave Mistakes, is coming out in August. The company also made $5 million from accessories sales.

This month, Tiny Build also announced its partnership with Arcane Wonders to bring Hello Neighbor to tabletop. The Secret Neighbor Party Game will hit all major retail stores in October 2020.

My Take

It makes sense for Tiny Build to lock down the franchise, which is clearly making them a lot of money. Hello Neighbor has morphed into a multi-million dollar book franchise with a board game and graphic novel on the horizon. I’m sure we will see new video games, too, especially with PS5 and Xbox Series X coming out later this year.

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