Trials Of Mana “Significantly Surpassed” Expectations, Says Square Enix

trials of mana

Earlier this year, we got a revival of Trials of Mana via a HD remake that saw the title redone in a new style very similar and familiar to the original game. The franchise has been one of Square Enix’s many dominant Japanese RPG series. With this and a recent collection, it seems to be making a comeback. The publisher seems impressed with the numbers so far.

During an Investor Q&A with Yosuke Matsuda, President of Square Enix, he confirmed that the game had not only sold well, but had “signficiantly” exceeded the company’s expectations. Unfortunately, no numbers were given to show what those expectations were, but it seems the company is pleased. Matsuda also mentioned it looked to be part of a trend of their digital catalog titles experiencing growth, meaning that we can hopefully see more titles like this in the future.

Trials of Mana is available now on PlayStation 4, Switch and PC.

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