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We’re four months away from the end of 2020, but Nintendo still has yet to properly acknowledge or celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. The mustachioed superstar’s birthday isn’t going unrecognized elsewhere, however, as HORI and PowerA have revealed they will be launching new Mario-themed controllers this September.

Bringing you a controller that’s fun for all ages; the HORIPAD Mini (Super Mario) for Nintendo Switch.

Pre-order on Amazon: #SuperMario #Mario #Controller

— HORI USA (@horiusainc) August 18, 2020

The Horipad Mini is a miniaturized Switch controller that has all of the requisite buttons but in a much smaller form factor. Typically, HORI aims this smaller range of pads at younger players, but don’t let that dissuade anyone from giving them a whirl. They do lack rumble, an NFC reader, and gyro support, but at $24.99 a pop there are considerable savings as a result. This controller launches on September 1.

Meanwhile, PowerA is launching its own snazzy Mario pad: the Enhanced Wired Controller—Golden M. It is a standard PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller, so expect mappable buttons and the usual sturdy, reliable form factor the line is known for. This controller is also $24.99 and will release on September 4.

These are a couple of nice options for gamers looking to celebrate Mario while also upgrading their controller setup. Are you interested in either? Tell us in the comments and on social media!

Source: HORI and PowerA Official Twitter Page and Press Release

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