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Kill to Win

VALORANT Deathmatch will be making its debut in the next big update that’s set to arrive this week. VALORANT Act 2 won’t just feature the debut of a new Agent — it’s also going to herald the start of an all-new gamemode for Riot Games’ first-person shooter.

If you haven’t yet played VALORANT, the gameplay is pretty closed to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in many ways. One team has to drop down the game’s equivalent of a bomb and the other team attempts to disarm it (or simply eliminate the opposing team). The key difference is in the kit: VALORANT’s agents have all sorts of superpowers that make it about more than just gunplay.

Now, a brand-new game mode is on the way: Deathmatch is coming.

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How Will VALORANT Deathmatch Work?

The new Deathmatch mode is going to be a little different from standard gameplay. Here’s how news site VALORANT Intel says it’s going to work:

  • 10 players will be in a match.
  • Players can buy any gun.
  • Every player spawns with heavy armor.
  • There will be a 3-second spawn delay.
  • Victory goes to the first player to hit 30 kills or the player who got the most kills in 6 minutes.

When does VALORANT Deathmatch Launch?

If you’re keen on playing this new game mode, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s expected to launch on Wednesday — just one day after the debut of VALORANT Act 2. There are, however, some caveats to keep in mind.

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Firstly, this is going to be a Beta. Riot Games isn’t entirely sure how it will all work out, so they’re going to be testing out the game balance for a short time. Players should expect the possibility of changes coming to this new game mode.

You’ll be able to play VALORANT Deathmatch as an official gamee mode once this beta test is over. For now, you can look forward to VALORANT Act 2 making its debut tomorrow, August 4, 2020.

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