Xbox Series S Seemingly Confirmed by Leaked Controller Box

xbox series x controller

Evidence of the Xbox Lockhart – or the Xbox Series S, as it will most likely be called – continues to mount up, even as we wait for Microsoft to officially announce it. Reports have pegged August as the month that we will finally hear about it, and Xbox boss Phil Spencer has confirmed that more Xbox news is coming later this month. But though it’s looking likely that the allegedly cheaper next-gen Xbox variant will finally be unveiled, it seems we may have already received confirmation from the same.

Over on Twitter, @zakk_exe posted images of an Xbox Series X controller that they were able to spot in a store and purchase. What’s curious about it is not only its white colour – as opposed to black, which seems to be the default theme for the Xbox Series X – but also its packaging. The back of the controller’s box lists all devices and platforms that it is compatible with, and on the very top of that list, it mentions “Xbox Series X | S”.

An image of a similar white Xbox controller was leaked recently, while we’ve also reported on the fact that Microsoft have trademarked the “Xbox Series” branding, suggesting multiple consoles falling under the umbrella. Connecting all of those dots is quite easy, especially with this latest evidence.

Meanwhile, specs for the Xbox Series S also allegedly leaked some time back, while references to its codename, Lockhart, have also been found in the Windows OS files.

Xbox series X controller found in the wild!!

— Zak S (@zakk_exe) August 9, 2020

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