You Can Now Play The Only Game Starring Tarantino, Penn and Teller, and Directed By Spielberg

Choose your own Adventure.

Paolo Pedercini, who is a "game maker, trouble maker, professor at Carnegie Mellon University", has released a new release that is somewhat of a remake, somewhat a new game, and somewhat a repurposing of prior material. Pedercini has taken Steven Spielberg's Director's Choices, a "terrible" 90's CD-ROM FMV title, and made it into an interactive movie like Netflix's Bandersnatch.

Continuing on with the Twitter thread, Steven Spielberg's Director's Choiceswas originally a game that was meant to inspire a new generation of film directors, but apparently it was too realistic in doing so and the player felt "limited agency when writing and shooting the[ir] film." However, Pedercini noticed that while the game itself wasn't very good, there was enough footage shot for the film that a Bandersnatch-style CYOM (Choose Your Own Movie) could be made, which of course he did.

To accomplish the feat, Pedercini took the raw footage and added sound and music. He also had to upscale the low-resolution footage with an AI-based tool, which he doesn't recommend, calling it a "very stupid project". His website has a little more information (and a blurb), which will also be pasted below:

Steven Spielberg's Director's Choices

In 1996, Knowledge Adventure and Dreamworks published Steven Spielberg's Director's Chair, an ambitious game simulating the process of moviemaking. The centerpiece of the title was a short film with an all star cast directed by Steven Spielberg himself.
Since the player could take some crucial decisions in the pre-production phase, the film was shot with different plot points and tonal variants.

We salvaged the game's raw footage and reorganized it as a real time interactive movie experience. Be prepared to choose your own path through this obscure bit of film and video game history…

The cast of the project is surprising star-studded, and it includes Jennifer Aniston, Quentin Tarantino, Penn Jillette, Teller, Katherine Helmond, Stanley Dyrector, and Barry Corbin. Not bad for a FMV game in the 90's, even if it was made at Steven Spielberg's behest.

If you're interested in checking out the game, don't forget to go here. Apparently it's pretty short, but you can play it in your browser and it's a pretty neat bit of gaming history.

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You Can Now Play The Only Game Starring Tarantino, Penn and Teller, and Directed By Spielberg

Choose your own Adventure.

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