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Sony has done amazing work with the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, but many gamers hold even more affection and nostalgia towards the PlayStation 2, which drastically updated upon their first console. The PlayStation 2 advanced the generation of gaming in considerable ways, a lot of which have now become the norm.

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Sony also took some bigger swings with more ambitious ideas and peripherals, with the EyeToy camera being one of the dominant examples. It’s easy to dismiss the device as a simple gimmick, but there are a number of games that make inspired use of the EyeToy and are actually enjoyable experiences.

10 Disney Move


Not every EyeToy title is an incredibly deep experience, but the idea of combining this technology with various Disney franchises makes a lot of sense and it was a brilliant strategy to hook young gamers on the peripheral.

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Disney Move showcases a number of minigames that insert the player into classic Disney titles, like riding on Aladdin’s magic carpet, capturing ghosts on camera in the Haunted Mansion, or swordfighting alongside Peter Pan against Captain Hook. Disney Move doesn’t overextend itself and it offers up enough variety while doing Disney justice.

9 Formula One 05


Formula One 05 is a fast-paced racing title for the PlayStation 2 that captures a realistic take on formula one racing. There are some EyeToy titles that do require players to use their whole body as a means of steering the vehicle, but Formula One 05 is much cumbersome.

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The title leaves the racing mechanics to the standard controller and instead uses the EyeToy so the player can put their face on the racer and immerse themselves into the game that way. It’s a clever and subtle way to incorporate the peripheral.

8 Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban


The Harry Potter series has dominated in the world of books and film, but it’s had a complicated time in the video game industry. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is a multi-platform title, but it’s the PlayStation 2 version that’s the most memorable since it makes use of the EyeToy in some clever additional minigames. The core title is a decent enough game, but there’s a certain thrill to be had to wave a wand on camera, wear the famous Sorting Hat, and there’s even microphone support so players can speak spells while they weave their magic.

7 EyeToy: Operation Spy


There have been a growing number of games that try to capture the energy of intense missions of espionage and stealth, but EyeToy: Operation Spy tries to go above and beyond in this regard. Operation Spy isn’t a very deep game and it’s obviously not going to hold a candle to the Metal Gear Solid franchise, but the title cleverly utilizes many of the tropes of the spy genre via the undercover missions the gamer must complete and the EyeToy technology. It’s an easy thrill, but one that still tries to do something different than the other EyeToy titles.

6 EyeToy Play: Hero


Audiences have longed to step into the shoes of brave heroes ever since the beginning of gaming. There have been many incredible video game protagonist who are inspiring figures for gamers, but EyeToy Play: Hero really tries to make the player feel like they’re a legendary knight. The aim of EyeToy Play: Hero is to rid the kingdom of an evil warlock, but what makes this title stand out is that it comes with a plastic sword that’s used to track movements. It leads to a level of swordplay that’s actually quite fun and intuitive.

5 EyeToy: Antigrav


Many of the titles for the EyeToy, like Play or Groove are meant for younger and more casual gamers who want more of a fun distraction than a deep and challenging video game. EyeToy: Antigrav is meant to be the opposite of that and it offers a more advanced use of the EyeToy technology that’s meant for more seasoned users than newcomers. Antigrav is a trippy take on a racing game and while the controls aren’t perfect, it’s still a rather impressive achievement. Antigrav even incorporates crouching and jumping into the game so the obstacles feel as immersive as possible.

4 EyeToy: Monkey Mania


The Ape Escape series doesn’t get the respect that it deserves in terms of what it helped do for platformers on the original PlayStation. The game made inspired use of the advent of the dual shock controllers and while the games have gained a cult status, it’s extremely exciting to see the PS2’s EyeToy do something with the franchise. Monkey Mania is a collection of minigames that’s far from perfect, but great fun with a crowd. This approach is rather common for the EyeToy, but Monkey Mania excels due to how it has over 50 minigames at its disposal.

3 Sega SuperStars


The Sega SuperStars series is a glorious celebration of Sega’s past and while it’s SuperStars Tennis and Racing that made major strides for the crossover series, many don’t realize that the games got their start as an extension of the PS2’s EyeToy. Sega SuperStars features a number of minigames that attempt to put the player inside several of Sega’s most popular franchises like Samba De Amigo, NiGHTS, and Virtua Fighter. Its approach isn’t dissimilar from other EyeToy titles, but the brand recognition of Sega’s very best mascots, some of which hadn’t been in games for years, makes a big difference.

2 Lemmings


The Lemmings franchise is one of the most notable puzzle video game series of all time and while video games have evolved and gotten more complex over the years, there’s still a good deal of nostalgia over something like Lemmings that prioritizes smart gameplay over hardware power. The PS2 port of the game incorporates the EyeToy in a clever way that makes the player feel like a powerful conductor. The titular lemmings are commanded by the player stretching their limbs across the screen and in different directions. It leads to a much more hands-on take to the classic puzzle title.

1 Dance Dance Revolution X


Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution series made major strides to popularize the music and rhythm genre for the home market. Dance Dance Revolution X is one of the more robust entries for the PlayStation 2 that packs in the songs and features from the previous entries. While many EyeToy games make the peripheral mandatory, DDR X allows the classic experience and then uses the camera accessory to fuel a number of minigames and other features. Since the game already makes use of the player’s feet, bringing arms and hands into the experience turns DDR X into a full body workout.

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