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Bloodborne is an easy recommendation for anyone who wants to play a fast-paced action game on their PlayStation 4. Miyazaki took the experience of everything he’d learned from Dark Souls and implemented it in a new IP, full to the brim with Gothic architecture and Lovecraftian nightmares. The end result is considered by many to be one of the best games ever developed in the modern generation by a country mile.

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Of course, FromSoftware didn’t stop there — Bloodborne‘s release was followed up with an expansion pack called The Old Hunters, which is considered by many to be one of the best pieces of DLC for any game ever. The Old Hunters is one of the most challenging expansion packs of all time, featuring a bevy of areas which can be quite difficult to explore, but prove to be quite rewarding… as is the case with most FromSoftware areas. Couple this with some amazing bosses, and people are definitely in for a treat. As is the case with most works of Miyazaki, FromSoftware includes hidden secrets and lore that players have spent a ton of time trying to reveal. However, one can argue that even the most hardcore players don’t know about the following ten mysterious things present in the DLC.

10 Ludwig Starts Off As A Beast Enemy, Before Losing That Classification Halfway Into The Battle


Ludwig is one of the most legendary figures in Bloodborne, so it goes without saying that a boss fight against his beastly self would be quite entertaining indeed. However, this fight can prove to be quite challenging, and players should ideally wield a serrated weapon to deal 20% extra damage to him.

However, in the second phase, Ludwig looks at his Holy Moonlight Sword and retains his sanity, completely changing the dynamic of the fight. What most people don’t notice now is that the game doesn’t classify him as a beast anymore, and serrated weapons lose their damage. It’s a subtle way for the game to tell the player that they’re not fighting a beast anymore — rather, they’re fighting a hunter now.

9 The Corpse Who Talks At The Start Of The Battle Can Survive The Battle


During the intro cinematic, a bloodied corpse will do the voiceover to hype up Ludwig as he enters the arena. What most people don’t realize that this corpse can actually survive the battle… although, given the chaotic nature of this battle, this can prove to be a nigh-impossible task.

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It certainly doesn’t help that there’s no reward to saving this figure, who just maniacally laughs if you interact with him after the battle.

8 The Snail Woman Who Falls From The Sky Can Be Revived With The Madaras Whistle


During your trek in the Hunter’s Nightmare, a Snail Woman will fall from the sky and perish on the spot… or so it might seem.

If the player uses the Madaras Whistle on the Snail Woman’s corpse, then she will be damaged and the enemy will magically come back to life, which is rather odd indeed.

7 All The Nightmare Areas Are Stacked On Top Of Each Other


The fact that the Snail Woman falls from one Nightmare zone to another from above is indicative of the fact that the Nightmare areas are actually stacked on top of each other.

This can be seen in the fact that various environmental objects seen in one Nightmare area are actually present physically in the next, denoting a messed-up connection of sorts between these cursed areas.

6 Vicar Amelia Can Actually Be Encountered In The Hunter’s Nightmare


Vicar Amelia is one of the hardest bosses during the initial run of Bloodborne, and players need to be on their A-game to defeat this horrific monstrosity. If the player is seeking out revenge after being ravaged by this boss several times, then they can actually fight the human version of Amelia along with another hunter near the pedestal that leads to the Research Hall. While still a somewhat unfair fight, this battle is still miles easier than the Vicar Amelia boss fight.

Players have confirmed that the figure praying at the altar-cum-elevator is actually Amelia, since her chanting is similar to what she says before transforming in the base game.

5 The Milkweed Rune Has The Letters “HP” Inscribed On It


It’s no secret that Bloodborne is heavily inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, and Miyazaki makes this influence abundantly clear with the letters etched on the Milkweed Rune.

One can clearly see the letters “HP” inscribed on the rune, which is as on-the-nose of a reference as can be.

4 The Old Hunter’s Bone Reveals That Hunters In The Past Knew The Art Of Quickening


Players who invest 15 points in the Arcane stat can use the Old Hunter’s Bone — a tool that hastens their quicksteps and rolls by essentially making then disappear during this dodging move.

Most hunters in the Hunter’s Nightmare are capable of performing this art of Quickening, with Lady Maria being a notable example in this regard. This is indicative of the fact that the old hunters had imbibed themselves with so much blood that their powers were on a whole another level. Speaking of Lady Maria…

3 Lady Maria Is Related To The Doll In The Hunter’s Dream


After defeating Lady Maria, the doll in the Hunter’s Dream gains a new line of dialogue which implies that both these figures are connected somehow.

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This is definitely correct — Gerhman and Maria were part of an esteemed group of hunters, and had grown very close to each other. So, when Maria killed herself after the atrocities committed in the Fishing Hamlet (more on that later), Gerhman was deeply affected and decided to form a doll in her likeness.

2 The Fishing Hamlet Was Raided By Byrgenwerth


In the real world, the body of Kos has washed up on the shores of the Fishing Hamlet, and villagers decided to worship this Great One with gusto. However, Master Willem had different ideas. He decided to send a group of hunters — Gerhman, Maria, Laurence, and Ludwig — to investigate the Fishing Hamlet and recover the body of Kos. This leads to a ton of bloodshed in the Hamlet, culminating in the abduction of the Orphan from the corpse of Kos.

The atrocities committed were so intense that all four hunters were cursed by Kos to spend an eternity in the Hunter’s Nightmare after their deaths. Gerhman was the only one who decided to make a deal with the Moon Presence so that he could avoid this fate… although, in a way, he was still trapped.

1 Kos Has The Face Of A Woman


One interesting thing about Kos that most people haven’t noticed is that this Great One has the face of a woman.

Perhaps Kos was one of the few Great Ones that managed to retain their humanity after ascending… although at this point, nothing concrete can be said about this human likeness.

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