15 Best PlayStation Exclusive Boss Fights

Throughout the long and storied history of PlayStation, Sony’s family of devices has played host to countless games that have offered up some truly amazing boss fights that stand out in our memories to this day, either because of how dramatic they were, or how challenging they were, or how fun they were, or any number of other reasons. In this feature, we’re going to talk about fifteen such boss fights.

NOTE: There will be spoilers ahead for all games mentioned in this feature, so if we’re talking about a game you want to avoid spoilers for, skip ahead to the next entry.


cronos god of war 3

The Cronos boss fight in God of War 3 is the perfect encapsulation of everything this series is about. The sheer scope of this entire fight is simply staggering, and the brutality that Kratos exhibits while taking the Titan down – from ripping off his fingernail to stabbing him through the throat – are the epitome of that era of God of War. In God of War (2018), when Atreus sees a dragon and asks Kratos if he can kill something that big, it’s hard not to laugh and immediately think back to the time he killed a creature literally the size of a mountain.

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