Are there child units in Fire Emblem Engage? Answered

Children? In this Fire Emblem economy? It seems like a scam. Child units have been in games such as Fire Emblem Geneology of the Holy War, Fire Emblem Fates, and Fire Emblem Awakening. They can serve different purposes narrative-wise, but in terms of gameplay, they usually inherit stats and skills from their parents. Players could then play out playthroughs with different combinations as to who is going to father who, or they could throw their favorite characters together and call it a day. It’s a mechanic that many seemed to love back in the 3DS days of Fire Emblem, but are there child units in Fire Emblem Engage?

Kids, what are they good for?

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No, there are no child units in Fire Emblem Engage. There is no in-depth mechanic that allows you to pair your units together so that they have kids. There is marriage and relationships in Fire Emblem Engage, but none of it will end in your units having children. Fire Emblem Engage focuses more on strategy war simulation than it does worrying about which of your characters are destined lovers who will have children.

Child units are a mechanic that has narrative implications since the game has to feature two generations of people. If there are child units, there will have to be a time skip like in Geneology of the Holy War or some time travel nonsense like in Awakening. Fire Emblem Fates went a completely different route and said the child units were put into a pocket dimension where time flows differently, so they grew up fast and were around the same age as their parents. Fates wasn’t known for its stellar writing, as you may have guessed.

Fire Emblem Engage chose to focus more on strategy gameplay more than planning marriages and having children. The idea of the children in your army having their own kids is weird, anyway.

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