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Arkane Studios has delayed its upcoming shooter Deathloop until Q2 2021. The studio says that development on the game is taking longer than it normally would due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic requiring the team to work from home.

Why has Deathloop been delayed?

According to a tweet on the official Deathloop Twitter account, Arkane has found that creating Deathloop "is taking longer than normal" as the team has "adjusted to work-from-home". The polish and quality level that players would normally expect from an Arkane game, as well as working with next-gen dev kits, sounds like it's resulted in a challenge for the devs that wouldn't be as difficult to surmount if they were working in an office.

Arkane says that the extra time will allow it to "bring Deathloop's world to life" and apologizes to fans for making them wait longer than initially planned. The studio says it will have more info to share on Deathloop soon and implores fans to keep their eyes peeled on the official social media pages for the game. That means Twitter, Facebook, and the official website.

What exactly is Deathloop?

Deathloop is described as a "killer next-gen shooter" coming to PC and consoles next year. You are Colt, an assassin trapped in a time loop and forced to relive the same day over and over again. To break the loop, you'll have to kill eight key targets across the island of Blackreef and contend with rival assassin Julianna as you do so. Deathloop will feature "signature Arkane gameplay", according to the official website, and will allow you to choose between stealthy, methodical gameplay and guns-blazing aggression. Naturally, you'll also have access to supernatural powers and a host of abilities and perks to help you navigate Blackreef.

Read more about how the COVID-19 novel coronavirus is affecting the gaming world at our Coronavirus Gaming Convention Cancellations and Game Delays Hub.

Are you sad that Deathloop has been delayed? Let us know in the comments below!

A character in Arkane Studios' upcoming Deathloop


Arkane Studios Delays Deathloop To Q2 2021

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