Evergate Announced for the Nintendo Switch


Evergate, a 2D platformer based on the afterlife that's being developed by Stone Lantern Games and published by PQube Limited, is being released later today for the Nintendo Switch.

Evergate will have players guiding the child-like soul, Ki, on her journey through the afterlife. Ki can wield the Soulflame to boost herself to new heights, soar through the skies, and fight off potential dangers. Ki's past memories over multiple lifetimes will be encountered, which will have to be deciphered through her Kindred Spirit.



Evergate Announced for the Nintendo Switch


An image from Subnautica via the Nintendo Indie World livestream.


Subnautica Dives Into the Nintendo Switch

The base game and Below Zero coming soon.

Takeshi & Hiroshi


Takeshi & Hiroshi Launches Later Today

Become a game designer.

Raji An Anicent Epic


Raji: An Anicent Epic Coming To Nintendo Switch as Timed Exclusive

An Indian Epic

A very unflattering picture of my tired face.

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