Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty review: perhaps the best expansion pack ever made


Cyberpunk 2077‘s triumph was that it offered a sprawling story, dozens of hours long, which cohered around just a small number of themes. Or maybe even a single thesis: that the cynical, defensive, self-centred voice in your head – personified by ancient, soul-trapped, anarcho-rockstar Johnny Silverhand – offered only a literal dead-end, and that real … Read more

Minecraft Legends is a curious and charming blend of adventure and RTS


There’s always been something quite comforting about loading into a brand new Minecraft world. Dropping into that first forest, punching that first tree… It’s a promise of all the myriad adventures to come. And despite some fundamental changes in genre and perspective, it’s something that the team behind the upcoming Minecraft Legends has tried hard … Read more