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It doesn’t take an expert to point out the quality of Bloodborne, which is easily one of the best exclusives on the PS4 and arguably one of the greatest (and most difficult) video games ever made. Miyazaki took all he learned from his work as a director on Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls and used it to create a new IP that would become a legendary title in every sense of the word.

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Bloodborne took the established Gothic and Lovecraftian aesthetic to a whole new level, with most — if not all — of its facets embracing this setting and establishing its own delightfully twisted lore. One such facet of the game is Insight, which is easily one of the most mysterious aspects of the game. Gamers have dissected every aspect of Bloodborne in order to figure out how high Insight affects the game. This has revealed a number of unique changes.

10 High Insight Reduces The Beasthood Stat


While sporting high Insight can make a player’s Bloodborne run feel all the more fleshed out and interesting, keep in mind that this does come at the cost of a harder game in several ways.

For starters, high Insight reduces the total effectiveness of the Beasthood stat. While this might not be a dealbreaker for most players, the next entry might be more than just a minor hindrance.

9 High Insight Reduces Frenzy Resistance


Frenzy is easily one of the worst statuses one can get afflicted by in Bloodborne. A maxed-out Frenzy buildup will instantly take away a chunk of the player’s health, which leads to their death more often than not.

So, for players who are constantly falling prey to Frenzy, perhaps spending their Insight is a better course of action to take.

8 Mad Ones Start Spawning In The Hemwick Charnel Lane


The Mad Ones are one of the harder enemies that players will face on their trek to the Witch of Hemwick fight in Bloodborne, but chances are that some players might not even encounter these enemies until the boss fight.

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This is because Mad Ones don’t even spawn into the Hemwick Charnel Lane until the player has at least 15 Insight, contributing an additional layer of challenge.

7 The Church Doctors Have More Buffed-Up Attacks


Another by-product of having 15 Insight is that the Church Doctors present across the game will gain additional attacks and buffs to their offense.

Lantern-wielding Church Doctors get projectile attacks added to their arsenal as well. Along with this, scythe-wielding enemies get a Fire buff while cross-bearers can cause a Frenzy build-up with their attacks, which — as described above — is never a pleasant experience.

6 The Winter Lanterns Start Singing


Winter Lanterns are one of the hardest and most annoying enemies to fight in the game, mainly due to the fact that even looking at them causes players to Frenzy.

However, while having 30 Insight might reduce the player’s Frenzy resistance, it also allows them to hear a terribly off-key song that the Lanterns hum, allowing them to be on their guard against this tough intruder.

5 The Lesser Amygdalas Are Visible Before The Blood Moon


The onset of the Blood Moon brings with it a fair number of changes, including two big ones that will be discussed on this list. The first change is the fact that players can finally see the Lesser Amygdalas that have been grabbing them all throughout the game.

However, if the player amasses 40 Insight before the Blood Moon, then these Lesser Amygdalas will be visible regardless.

4 The Music In The Hunter’s Dream Changes


Another aspect of the game that changes after the Blood Moon is that the music in the Hunter’s Dream changes, turning from an instrumental piece into a vocalized one.

Again, as is the case with the Lesser Amygdalas, this music change will be noticed before this new Night phase if the Hunter has gathered 40 Insight before this point.

3 Gerhman Can Be Heard Muttering In His Dreams


A rather neat piece of story can be unlocked if the player gets 15 Insight and hangs around Gerhman’s house in the Hunter’s Dream as he sleeps.

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After beating some bosses, the player can go up to Gerhman, who mentions both Laurence and Master Willem. He begs them to come to his aid and save him from the eternal nightmare of the Hunter’s Dream, which is quite morose indeed.

2 Players Can Notice Something Really Unique If They Use The Hunter’s Chief Emblem


The Hunter’s Chief Emblem can be used to unlock the gate to the Grand Cathedral without having to deal with a rather long detour.

For all the inquisitive people who were wondering what triggers this gate to open in the first place, 50 Insight will reveal a bunch of Messengers who have combined their might to activate the level for the player.

1 A Baby’s Cry Will Be Heard In The Distance Throughout The Game


Perhaps the eeriest thing that happens in the game with high Insight, unlocking this particular discovery mandates players to gather a whopping 60 Insight.

Upon attaining this number, a baby’s cry will be heard randomly as the player progresses through the game, which can prove to be quite an unsettling experience indeed.

Players have surmised that this cry is actually from Mergo, which seems like the most logical conclusion to make given the hints provided by the game, and the fact that hunters can hear this very cry when approaching Mergo’s Loft.

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