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The Initiative is one of Xbox’s many game studios, and is by and large the most mysterious. After two years since it’s initial establishment in 2018, it seems The Initiative it seems the game will, at the very least, have something to do with Perfect Dark. Though it isn’t entirely clear what Perfect Dark fans have in store.

Perfect Dark is a cult classic first-person shooter series developed by Rareware in the year 2000 and is beloved by many in the gaming community. While it never reached the same mainstream popularity as Doom, Goldeneye 007or HaloPerfect Dark remains an influential and memorable part of gaming history. For several years, fans have been asking for a new Perfect Dark game and it seems somewhat likely that The Initiative will deliver.

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For the past two years, The Initiative has been in the process of developing a singular game, but no official news has released regarding what the game actually is. It was revealed that Phil Spencer had played The Initiative’s game back in February, but other than that, nothing of substance has been shown. Though, according to a reliable source, the game might be related to Perfect Dark.

Jeff Grubb is an active member of the gaming industry and purportedly stated that The Initiative’s game will take place in the Perfect Dark universe, but not necessarily be a Perfect Dark game. He largely compared it to Apex Legends, stating that while the game takes place in the same universe as TitanfallApex Legends is not a Titanfall game.

While a seemingly good comparison, really this only leads to further questions. If it’s not a Perfect Dark game, there are many ways it could still connect. There are still plenty in the gaming community who would love to see another Perfect Dark game a full twenty years after the release of the first game, thus, a game set in the same universe as Perfect Dark seems a lot more strange, instead of just making another Perfect Dark game.

Despite the severe lack of any concrete information, it will still be interesting to see what kind of game The Initiative will release. For how much big-name talent The Initiative has managed to hire, it seems like many members of the gaming community are in for something special. Though, again, without knowing what the game actually is, it’s still too early to tell.

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