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In what is possibly the most surprising Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War leak thus far, it has been discovered that the game is a direct sequel to the original Black Ops game. Fans have been wondering when exactly the game would be set, with many leaning towards the game being a soft reboot like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. If these leaks are true, though, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is part of the same narrative as the other titles in the series.

It is hard to argue the legitimacy of this leak as well, with the game’s description being found within the Modern Warfare game files. With the August 24th update preparing for the Games of Summer Event in Modern Warfare, as well as the upcoming reveal for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, it makes sense that details for the game would be found in the files.

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The game’s description confirms Black Ops Cold War’s exact setting, which will “drop fans into the Cold War’s volatile geopolitical battle of the early 1980’s.” The appearance of historical figures is also confirmed, though exactly who remains unclear. Perhaps Yuri Bezmenov could make an appearance after his large role in the reveal trailer.


Globe-trotting missions will return to Black Ops: Cold War as well, bringing players to East Berlin, Vietnam, and the “Soviet KGB headquarters.” In even bigger news, however, the game’s cast has been confirmed and is certain to please longtime fans of the series. First and foremost, Frank Woods will be playable, though this is far less surprising given that a Modern Warfare character pack for Woods is supposedly on the way. What players did not know, however, is that fan favorite characters Jason Hudson and Alex Mason will return in the campaign.

Seeing both characters return is certainly good news, and their return explains the game’s ability to feature missions around the world. The CIA missions can make up one side of the story, whereas Woods and Mason’s adventures could take up the other portions. It should be noted, however, that it is unlikely for Mason and Woods to cross paths given the events of Black Ops 2. When Mason rescues Woods during that game, it is 1986, and it is the first time he realizes he is alive since the events of the original Black Ops. If the teaser trailer being banned in China is any indication, players can expect some controversial missions featuring these protagonists, much like the one’s early on in the series.

The description also states that the antagonist will be “a shadowy figure named Perseus” and confirms that there is a Zombies mode in the game, but don’t expect to see Zombies during the Black Ops Cold War reveal in Warzone tomorrow. Regardless, this leak is incredibly promising bit of news for fans of the original Black Ops campaigns. Woods, Hudson, and Mason are all beloved characters, and seeing their story continue to be told as opposed to being rebooted is an awesome surprise.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be revealed August 26th and 10:30 PT.

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