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Infinity Ward has been providing fans with a steady supply of new weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, with each season launching with two guns in the battle pass and a third being added at the season’s midway point. Today, Modern Warfare fans have gotten a look at a new sniper possibly coming to the game in the sixth season of content.

The R700 was a powerful sniper rifle in the original Modern Warfare game, with players making good use of the bolt action rifle in Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare: Remastered lobbies. While not quite as popular as the M40A3, old school COD fans will be happy to know that the R700 seems to be in the works for Modern Warfare, even if it is currently in an unfinished state. If the gun is as strong as it once was, it could definitely become a one-shot weapon in Modern Warfare.

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A Twitter user and leaker of unreleased COD material named BKTOOR tweeted out a few gameplay clips of the R700 today, featuring reloads of the weapon and shots being fired on Modern Warfare’s new 2v2 map Stadium. While the footage is not anything mindblowing, the weapon looks great visually and is clearly approaching a finished state. BKTOOR showed the weapon back at the start of August, but in today’s clip the weapon seemed far more refined than in the original showcase.

With now only the reload and bullet chambering noises missing, it’s highly likely that Infinity Ward is working actively on this weapon. It is hard to imagine it would spend this much time on the R700 not to release it, so Modern Warfare fans can safely expect a release of the weapon at some point. It would fit nicely within the game’s weapon lineup, joining Modern Warfare’s new FINN LMG as a powerhouse weapon for skilled players.

While the weapon likely won’t drop during Modern Warfare’s Days of Summer event, any time after the event comes to an end should be fair game for the R700’s release. One interesting thing to note about the weapon is that it lacks a scope within the leaked gameplay footage, which could indicate a release within the “Marksman Rifle” category as oppose to the “Sniper Rifle” one. Typically, the option to take off the scope is only available for Marksman Rifles. The sniper scope could just be left out now and added later as part of the developers’ testing, though.

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare only having four sniper rifles, and only receiving one sniper post launch, the R700 would be a great addition to the game. The fan favorite weapon could easily make a return in season 6, so players interested in a new sniper should certainly keep an eye on future Modern Warfare content drops.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

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