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After months of waiting Activision has officially released the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War trailer with an epic in-game event. Players from all over the world queued into Warzone for a chance to be the first to see the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War trailer, and it was an experience worth the effort.

The official Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War trailer was shortly released on YouTube by Activision after the event ended. Players who participated got some extra loot and a free look at Frank Wood’s early model. This epic conclusion to a trail of teasers has delivered fans yet another date to watch out for, but for now, fans are enjoying the adrenaline rush of the next game’s epic content.

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Like most Call of Duty trailers, the clip is filled with fast action and epic moments. Fans can now officially confirm that the next operation will be an anti-soviet operation revolving around a Russian operative code-named Pegasus. Scenes from 1968, Vietnam, show the intense graphics of the environment while setting a chilling tone for the game itself. Moving forward, 1981 nuclear footage alongside the start of the official Cold War. Familiar characters Frank Woods and Jason Hudson make an appearance alongside President Reagan as he approves the operation that will unfold in this epic title.

The trailer has left fans with chills as they now have a glimpse of the epic upcoming content. It appears that the game will stay true to a “boots on the ground” narrative while mixing in some fast-paced action sequences and explosive political problems. For many fans, the trailer feels like a return back to the traditional Black Ops template that they know and love.

The developers are bundling an Open Beta experience and Early Access with pre-orders of the game. This offer is only valid for fans on the PlayStation 4. Pre-orders will also include instant access to Woods as an operator in Modern Warfare and Warzone along with a new weapon blueprint for fans to dominate the battlefield.

Fans also got a sneak peek at the Multiplayer experience showing helicopters, vehicles, and a massive desert. Fans are predicting that this is a new Ground War map but there is so far no confirmation. Either way, the multiplayer looks just as epic as the game itself with a full trailer set to release on September 9th.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is set to launch on November 13th, 2020.

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