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Horror fans are in for a treat as the newest trailer for the next The Dark Pictures game, Little Hope, has released on YouTube. Rather than a typical video, this trailer showcases some gameplay in a way that perfectly fits the game. This trailer for Little Hope is interactive, and fans are already uncovering the different paths viewers can take.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope is the second story in the anthology, which began last year with Man of Medan. From the creators of Until Dawn, these games are multiplayer cinematic storytelling games, where players make choices, explore relationships and dialogue, and attempt stressful quick-time events. Death is permanent and sometimes easy to come by, so it is the perfect combination of horror movie and friendly game night. While the first game took place on an abandoned ship out in the ocean, this one looks to be fully on land in a terrifying town and surrounding forest.

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In the newest trailer for Little Hope, viewers actually become players. The first YouTube video is available for anyone to find, but every video after that is hidden behind choices. Players must watch the scene, choose a decision, and then YouTube will link them to the corresponding video. Without spoiling too much, the trailer involves three main characters, one terrifying monster, and a deadly situation. There seem to be a total of seven videos with four different endings so far, including a nice safe one as well as a possible character death.

The pre-order bonus for Little Hope includes a Curator’s Cut edition, which comes with extra scenes and gameplay. If this preview is from the extra content, it would definitely be worth it for players to try as many options as possible while they have the safety of a redo. Once players choose a decision in the real game, that have to stick with it and face the consequences.

A Little Hope special bundle has also been announced from Bandai Namco. This includes a steelbook showcasing a separate disc for each episode in the game. Collectors will be eager to get their hands on the other special item: A rag doll featured within the game. This special item will fit perfectly beside players’ screens while they escape monsters and laugh at their friends’ mistakes.

Despite The Dark Pictures: Little Hope being delayed due to Coronavirus, it is slated for an incredibly fitting October 30 release date. Players can pick up the game, don their Halloween costumes, and snack on spooky foods while they start one of many playthroughs of what is looking to be a truly remarkable game. If the second game is anything like the first, there are sure to be some repeated attempts at a happy ending.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope will release October 30, 2020 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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