Call Of Duty: Warzone Continues To Tease Next Game With Mysterious Gas Canisters

call of duty warzone

It’s been much later than usual, but it seems that we are on the verge of getting the unveiling for 2020’s Call of Duty entry. We know that mysterious crates were sent to streamers and press with instructions to open them later today, but it also seems like there’s teases within Call of Duty: Warzone itself, with more discovered recently.

Near the end of last week, people reported having a strange ‘glitch’ during matches that flashed messages in English and Russian. Now, people are reporting finding mysterious canisters that were not present before that release a mysterious gas. You can see an example from Twitter poster Sonny below, who was one of the first ones to find a canister.

While nothing has been officially revealed about the game, we do know it is almost certainly a new entry in the Black Ops subseries of the franchise, and one element in the series was the Nova6 gas biological weapon, so this could be a reference to that. Most likely we’ll get some more information when those crates are to be opened later today, so stay tuned.

@eColiEspresso @PrestigeIsKey do you guys know anything about this? i found it by accident when i was picking up what i thought was a armor plate. i have the exact location if you guys didn't know about it

— Sonny (@itsreallysonny) August 10, 2020

Its on the outside of boneyard. But that's just one random area that it can be found. More are showing up

— Sonny (@itsreallysonny) August 10, 2020

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