Call Of Duty: Warzone UI Update Will Show Modes More Clearly




Call of Duty‘s battle royale spin-off Warzone is always adding new and interesting game modes to keep its players engaged, but one of the problems with its variety is fitting all those modes in the game’s menu. Infinity Ward developer Joe Cecot has tweeted that a UI update is coming that will fix this issue in “the next big update,” in response to a fan’s complaint that the quads battle royale mode had been pushed into the playlist menu, as picked up by Charlie Intel.

With game modes often being moved around for temporary events, the menu is cluttered and hard to navigate. The upcoming update teased by Cecot will focus on visibility and making more room for the different modes.

Players also had questions about Plunder, which has temporarily been taken out of rotation to make space for new game modes like Rumble, but Cecot promised that it would be back shortly–adding that Plunder is “one of [his] favorite modes.”

Warzone just got a massive new update for Season 4, so it’s unclear when the next big update with this UI improvement will drop. Check out the Season 4 patch notes here.

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