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Although the Iron Warhammer is a pretty common weapon and available in Skyrim incredibly early on, it shouldn’t be underestimated or overlooked. As a two-handed weapon, it has the ability to deal some serious damage and perfectly fits any tankier warrior build. Keep in mind, however, that for those really powerful attacks, players should focus on upping their stamina as much as possible.

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Those who want to bring their two-handed build to the next level should definitely hunt down some of the more unique hammers in the game. These weapons have distinctive names and only appear once. In total, there are seven of them, each with their own powerful — or less powerful — enchantments and effects.

7 Aegisbane


This hammer has quite a bit of story behind it. In fact, the Aegisbane is the missing family heirloom of the Shatter-Shield clan of Windhelm. Walking around with it after killing Alain Dufont in Raldbthar will even catch the attention of guards who will recognize the weapon by its appearance.

To get the Aegisbane, the player needs to be a member of the Dark Brotherhood. During the quest Mourning Never Comes, they’ll be sent off to kill Muiri’s former lover Alain, who’s in possession of the Aegisbane. The hammer does 18 damage, on top of which is 5 frost damage, which affects both health and stamina pools of enemies. It’s a fantastic weapon against characters who depend on their stamina to perform powerful and devastating attacks.

6 Shagrol’s Warhammer


Don’t be fooled by the appearance of this warhammer. Its current form is actually only temporary, and it later gets transformed into something much more impressive and greater than what it initially is. Still, it’s worth taking a look at the hammer in its initial form.

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Head over to Largashbur, an orc stronghold on the southern shores of Lake Honrich, which is the lake by which the town of Riften is perched. The Cursed Tribe, one of Skyrim‘s Daedric quests can be started here, after watching the local orcs fight off a giant. The player will be tasked with killing a giant in Giant’s Grove, and the reward for it is Shagrol’s Warhammer, a modest Orichalcum hammer that does 21 points of damage and has no special effects.

5 Trollsbane


Head east from the city of Markarth in the Reach and follow the edge of the southern mountains until reaching an old guard tower named Cradle Stone Tower. Slightly west from it, a small alcove in the hillside will have two trolls going at each other, guarding the dead body of a previous victim.

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This man was once known as Frofnir Trollsbane, and prior to his untimely death he was the owner of Trollsbane, a hammer which is particularly good at dealing with these pesky creatures. It does 22 damage, but when used against any type of troll, it will set them on fire and deal fire damage for 15 points. It’s a fairly situational weapon, but even still, its base damage is slightly better than that of the Aegisbane, making it just a bit deadlier.

4 Dawnguard Rune Hammer


As the name suggests, this warhammer is only available for those with the Dawnguard DLC. After joining the Dawnguard, the player should speak to Florentius Baenius, who will ask them to go and find them an item from a random location. The quest is called Lost Relic, and it’s one that can be repeated thrice, with different items and locations every time.

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One of the items is in fact the Dawnguard Rune Hammer, which can be found in a myriad of possible random locations. It does 22 of damage on its own, but what’s truly noteworthy is its ability to create a rune whenever the player uses it to attack. The rune deals 50 fire damage when enemies come into contact with it, making it quite a powerful weapon against a large mob of enemies in tight spaces. In particular, it will do well against enemies who are susceptible to fire damage.

3 The Longhammer


This hammer isn’t tied to any particular quest, which means it’s possible to get it surprisingly early on in the game. That said, it’s in a cave filled with some of the most vile and difficult enemies in all of Skyrim, including Chaurus and Falmer, so caution is advised — or perhaps just level up first. Head over to Liar’s Retreat, a cave found between Solitude and Markarth deep in the Reach, east from Karthwasten. At the end of this dungeon-like cave, the player will discover the Longhammer next to the corpse of Rahd.

What makes it so special and absolutely devastating is that it can be swung much faster than any other hammer in the game. Just think about it: the raw damage of a hammer combined with faster attack speed. Due to this, it ranks much higher than any previous hammer, because despite its low base damage (21 points), it’s able to dish out way more damage per second. Moreover, since this ability isn’t counted as an enchantment by the game, it can be combined with a regular enchantment to make it even deadlier. What’s not to love?

2 Volendrung


Remember Shagrol’s pathetic warhammer, which can be acquired from The Cursed Tribe quest? Believe it or not, that warhammer actually gets turned into something much more devastating at the very end of the quest by the Daedric Lord of orcs himself, Malacath. This new version of the hammer is called Volendrung, and has a very unique and menacing appearance.

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It’s not just its appearance that impresses, but the damage as well. Its base damage is at 25, which is a great increase from any of the previous hammers. Not just that, it steals 50 stamina points from any enemy hit by it and gives it to the player, so that’s basically infinite stamina to perform those deadly power attacks. This hammer has a bit of a backstory too. Tales tell that it was once in the hands of a clan of Dwemer originally from Morrowind, and that the hammer was thrown across the continent of Tamriel to see where the clan would settle down. That’s how the province of Hammerfell received its name.

1 Champion’s Cudgel


The absolute best warhammer in the game right now has to be Champion’s Cudgel. Although some of the previous hammers have some cool aspects and effects that really make them shine, it’s the enchantment of this one that ultimately takes the cake. Plus, it’s without a doubt the most valuable hammer out of all the unique ones in Skyrim, making it a great addition to any collection.

The hammer makes its appearance only in the Dragonborn DLC during the quest March of the Dead, which can be acquired from Captain Veleth in Raven Rock on the island of Solstheim. The player will eventually be tasked with defeating an Imperial General Falx Carius, who will drop the weapon. Its base damage is 24 points, which is lower than the Volendrung, but it compensates for this by its chaos damage enchantment. It has a 50% chance of dealing frost, fire and shock damage for 25 points, which makes it pretty insane. Not to mention, it’s the only truly Imperial style hammer seen in the entire game.

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