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When Call of Duty: Warzone laid train tracks across the entire map, fans started planning for the train. After the launch of Warzone Season 5, the train was added, bringing fan’s dreams into reality as they pillaged the moving loot caravan.

As fans look towards Warzone Season 6, rumors of new additions to the train have started to circulate. Right now, the train provides tons of high-quality loot and fast transportation across the map. Clips of fans stopping the train have become popular, and many fans simply drop with the intention of guarding the train as long as possible.

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At this point, the train has become a natural part of the Warzone ecosystem. In an interview Jo Cecot, co-design director of multiplayer, stated that there were ideas already being discussed to update the train and make it a more fulfilling part of Warzone. Building on that though, Associate Creative Director Amos Hodge commented that some of the ideas would improve train mechanics and maybe add new game modes for players to experience involving the train.


Although ideas were suggested, neither one of the developers delved into exactly what the ideas were. Cecot and Hodge both confirmed that Infinity Ward does keep tabs on community suggestions when looking for improvements to Warzone in general.

If there are any changes to the train, they will not be happening soon. Work of that caliber requires months of preparation and Cecot mentioned that “tasks of improving the train remain on the drawing board for the time being.” Still, fans can fantasize about neat ideas involving the train with variant game modes. From train robberies to missions meant to derail the train, the possible additions to the game are limitless. Fans will no doubt suggest some amazing game modes on Reddit or other social media networks, with dreams of their concepts becoming an in-game reality.

Looking forward, there are still tons of hidden secrets scattered across Verdansk. Fans who have ideas of how to weave the secrets of the map into the Train are free to suggest their ideas on any of the official Call of Duty channels. The developers do listen to fan suggestions on multiple channels. Until then, players are left in their quest to derail the train and battle it out on the deadly tracks of Verdansk.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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