Could Remedy’s ‘Crossfire X’ Be the Best FPS Campaign?

Crossfire X Video Preview Crossfire X is the newest entry in the long-running Crossfire franchise of shooters, with a single-player game developed by Remedy. With a wealth of incredible games in their catalog, will Remedy be able to bring their iconic and innovative method storytelling to this FPS? Remedy are incredible at creating intense, action-packed … Read more

Genshin Impact PS5 Port Gameplay Preview


miHoYo has shared a Genshin Impact PS5 port gameplay preview, with an eight minute block of gameplay footage showing off the next-gen port. The Genshin Impact PS5 port gameplay preview shows off the previously announced port, which is set for a release on April 28th alongside the game’s big new “Beneath the Light of Jadeite” … Read more

Thousands of World of Warcraft Classic players descended upon a single server to get a fresh levelling experience – and it was absolute chaos


Thousands of World of Warcraft Classic players last night descended upon a single server to get a fresh levelling experience – and it was absolute chaos. Last week, I reported on how over one thousand World of Warcraft players had banded together to create a “fresh” experience in the Classic version of the famous MMO. … Read more

Hitman 3 Guide – All Safe & Key Pad Codes


Hitman 3 features lots of locked doors and safes which Agent 47 must open in order to complete each mission. This guide is the KEY you need to make your way through every code-based lock in the game. Read this article on TechRaptorOriginal Article

Road 96 is a procedural road trip adventure from the dev behind 11-11: Memories Untold


Digixart, the developer behind acclaimed World War 1 narrative adventure 11-11: Memories Retold, has offered a first look at its “crazy, beautiful” procedural road trip game, Road 96. Road 96 is a story about journeying toward freedom during a long, hot summer in the mid-90s, and sets players off on an adventure across the authoritarian … Read more

Kings of War Guide


Kings of War Introduction   Kings of War, currently in its 3rd Edition is a tabletop fantasy wargame from Mantic Games. Kings of War has a focus on large scale unit combat, rather than the smaller individual scale of skirmish wargames. Read this article on TechRaptor Original Article

Sexual Harassment Remover is a Morrowind mod that replaces the game’s sexual abuse references


      In the past few weeks, the problem of sexual harassment in the games industry has entered public conversation once again, provoking serious questions about the underlying culture enabling this sort of behaviour. While vital, the discussions involved in the Me Too movement can often be painful for those who have experienced sexual … Read more

League of Legends revamps its esports site, Legends of Runeterra kicks off the Spirit Blossom Festival


Two of Riot Games’ titles are in our news room, so why not just bundle the two together? It should be easier for you fine readers, particularly those who are keen to follow updates to Legends of Runeterra and League of Legends. First, Runeterra has released patch 1.6, which kicks off the Spirit Blossom Festival … Read more