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Black Friday SSD and hard drive deals 2021: early sales and what to expect


Black Friday SSD and hard drive deals are relatively easy to come by, with plenty of huge savings to be made across a wide range of different storage solutions, from a variety of reputable vendors. It’s just about knowing where to look. We’re now just under a month away from Black Friday 2021, which falls … Read more

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SwitchArcade Round-Up: ‘Mary Skelter Finale’ Review, a New ‘Tetris 99’ Event, Plus the Latest Releases and Sales


Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for October 26th, 2021. In today’s article, we’ve got a little bit of news to check out regarding the next Tetris 99 event. Our pal Mikhail has a full-pants review of Mary Skelter Finale for you to read, and I’ve got summaries of all of the new releases of the day including Guardians of the Galaxy: Cloud Version. We finish things up with the usual lists of new and expiring sales, of which there are rather more than I was expecting. Oh, and don’t forget: the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack is available now, with some beautifully-emulated SEGA Genesis games to play, and also some emulated Nintendo 64 games to play. Let’s get to the good stuff!

Feel the ‘Dread’ in the Next ‘Tetris 99’ Maximus Cup

I’m not going to pat myself on the back too hard for successfully predicting this one. The next Tetris 99 Maximus Cup event has been announced, and this time the theme is Metroid Dread. Like usual, a special theme will be..

Cole Cassidy, the new Jesse McCree, Hits Overwatch Today!


Out With The Old, in With The New If you’re at all familiar with the ongoing legal issues faced by Activision-Blizzard, you don’t need me to explain why this change was so important. Jesse McCree was named after a prominent figure on Blizzard’s team, one that was implicated in some particularly heinous acts. McCree’s character … Read more

Games Inbox: Switch Expansion Pack broken, Halo Infinite improvement, and survival horror Metroidvania


Not off to a good start (pic: Nintendo) The Tuesday Inbox worries about the lack of kids’ games from Microsoft and Sony, as a reader worries about the new Splinter Cell. To join in with the discussions yourself email Shocked, not shocked Why am I not surprised that the Expansion Pack for Nintendo Switch … Read more

Destiny 2 Players Aren’t Happy With Bungie’s ‘Ludicrous’ Microtransactions


Destiny 2 Fans Are Complaining About the Game’s Microtransaction Prices Destiny 2’s free-to-play status has always been supported by Bungie, with the devs consistently releasing f2p content throughout the year. However, fans of the franchise are now questioning wy they are still paying so much money for in-game items, whether it is the season pass, … Read more

Making History – Developers Talk About Age of Empires IV


Q&A with Quinn Duffy, Game Director, Age of Empires IV and Adam Isgreen, Franchise Creative Director, World’s Edge The Age of Empires franchise (which also included spinoff Age of Mythology) is one of the most popular series of real-time strategies ever made, both with casual fans and competitive players. Combining accessibility with near-endless strategic depth … Read more

Age Of Empires 4 review – war never changes


Age Of Empires 4 – it feels old-fashioned in more ways than one (pic: Microsoft) After 16 years the Age Of Empires franchise finally gets a new sequel but is the latest entry too similar to the old ones – or not enough? Following the release of Command & Conquer in 1995 real-time strategy games … Read more

Intel Alder Lake is here and it feels like Team Blue is back


Intel has announced its 12th-generation Alder Lake-S desktop platform, bringing six new desktop processors to the table. These processors bring a truly next-generation improvement to Intel for the first time in years, and also marks the company’s first major shift from Skylake, which it has been iterating on since 2015. If you’ve been keeping an … Read more