Can’t find an Xbox Series X controller? Microsoft’s working ‘as fast as possible’ on a resupply


If you live in Europe or the UK, you may have recently noticed there’s been stock shortages for Xbox controllers. Thankfully, Microsoft’s now addressed this. The Xbox Wireless Controller shortage has quietly appeared across the continent and was highlighted in a recent ResetEra thread. Many players have been left frustrated they can’t get their hands … Read more

Sony will let you get away with this PS Plus loophole


If you bought and stacked up a ton of PS Now subscriptions to get 50% off the upcoming PS Plus rollout, it looks like you beat the system. Congrats! Following the announcement of the overhaul, deals maestro @Wario64 spotted a loophole that essentially let players get an annual PS Plus Premium subscription for half price. … Read more

Diablo Immortal gets a surprise PC launch and release date


A release date for Diablo Immortal, the next entry in the acclaimed action RPG series, has been announced, alongside the surprise reveal that the formerly mobile-exclusive title will also be launching on PC. Developer Blizzard announced Diablo Immortal will launch on June 2 for Android and iOS devices and will be released into open beta … Read more