Cyberpunk 2077 Guide – How to Make Money Quickly

Cyberpunk 2077

Causing havoc in Night City, especially given the abundance of weapons, is pretty easy. Tackling the really difficult gigs and side jobs requires having some of the better weapons and Cyberware available. And wouldn’t you know it but they cost a bomb.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to earn Eurodollars aka eddies. You could check out our guide here for the infinite money glitch via the Space Oddity mission. In case that gets patched, however, there are plenty of other good alternatives. The first is collecting all of the junk out there. Since a lot of the junk in-game doesn’t weigh anything, you can carry as much as possible and then sell it off. Avoid picking up the Scrapper perk though since it can disassemble some of the more valuable junk you find.

Selling excess weapons and loot is also a good way to earn cash. There is a way to accelerate the process and earn tons of crafting XP though. Look for vending machines in the city and purchase items that cost 10 eddies each. Collect all of them and dismantle them for crafting materials. Next, craft any Uncommon weapons with these resources and sell them off for a healthy profit. Each item provides crafting XP which is a bonus. With the recent hofix, your save also won’t become corrupted from crafting and holding too many items so go nuts.

Other things you can do include the NCPD’s reported crimes like Assault in Progress. These are good for more offensive-based builds and provide a healthy amount of cash. If you’re more of the Intelligence type, then pick up the Advanced Datamine and Extended Network Interface perks. The latter will help you find access points more easily.

The former is great for the Breach Protocol minigame which provides 50 percent more eddies earned upon completion. Though rewards are random, completing at least two sequences should net a decent amount of money and it hardly takes any time. The best part is that you only need five points in Intelligence to pull this off.

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