Genre-Bending NORCO Officially Releases Today on PC


Genre-Bending NORCO Officially Releases Today on PC Indie publisher Raw Fury and video game developer Geography of Robots have partnered to release NORCO, a unique narrative adventure title. NORCO was first announced in January 2022 by the team. Raw Fury is known for releasing titles that provide gamers with emotional experiences while Geography of Robots … Read more

Game of the Year 2021 – Best PC Game


While there was a valiant effort to break the pattern by the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Move, the gaming PC has always had something of a hegemony over pointing at things and clicking them. It’s part of what makes them so great for point & click adventures, deep strategy games (both real time and turn-based), … Read more

New Final Fantasy VII Remake PC Mod Allows Players to Unlock Framerates Among Other Things


A new Final Fantasy VII Remake PC mod has been released, which unlocks the game’s development console. Created by modder ‘emoose’, this console unlocker gives players access to various console commands and various changes to the game’s console variables. In addition, this dev console unlocker allows loose .INI files to be loaded from the game’s … Read more

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy PC Patch 2982110 Introduces CPU and GPU Performance Optimizations and More


A new Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy PC patch has gone live, introducing new tweaks and fixes as well as performance improvements. Patch 2982110 introduces general stability improvements, including ray tracing improvements and fixes a variety of issues, which you can check out in full below. General stability improvements Multiple improvements to stability with Ray … Read more

The Fortnite X Naruto Event is Live


Fans of Naturo Shippuden have a lot to look forward to the next time that they boot up Fortnite. The battle royale game has crossover going with the beloved manga/anime series that offers fans the chance to get their hands on a ton of different Naruto-themed gear and goodies. Take a look: So, what is … Read more