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Gamescom has returned for 2020 and Destiny 2 once again had more to share about its upcoming expansion during the opening livestream. Here is a breakdown of the new action-packed Stasis trailer.

This isn’t the first time Stasis has been showcased in-action but with each new Destiny 2 trailer, Bungie gives a more in depth look at the upcoming abilities. Stasis will be a new element to sit alongside Solar, Arc and Void  and will feature more customizable play styles.

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The new Warlock super starts by casting a enemy freezing field of Stasis around the player, similar to how Stormcallers create a blast of Arc energy upon super activation. Once in the Stasis super, the player can shoot out a volley of 4 stasis bombs or perform another area-of-effect stasis field attack. Each of these attacks freeze unfrozen enemies and shatter frozen ones.

This Stasis subclass seems to be getting a grenade consume/overcharge ability like the Voidwalkers since the player crushes an orb in their left hand in one of the shots. In a later scene, the Warlock uses a healing rift which instantly sends out a Stasis field and freezes enemies close to the player.


When the Hunter activates their Stasis super, they throw two giant pickaxes at the enemies, which create a big field of stasis on impact. This instantly kills weaker enemies and damages the rest. Then, the center of the blast zone sends out a whirlwind of Stasis towards the surviving combatants.

The trailer confirms that Hunters will also get a Stasis field grenade, like the Warlocks. The Hunter uses this grenade to freeze two rival Guardians and kills them with the ranged melee ability that locks onto both of said Guardians. The overarching theme here seems to be combining two Stasis abilities to get the best results.


The Titan super had been the most enigmatic so far but the trailer gives a good glimpse at it. The player uses a slam attack to send out three rows of Stasis that freeze any enemy they touch as well as shooting up small walls of Stasis from the ground, perhaps for a bit of cover. Then, the Titan uses a lighter version of Thundercrash, allowing them to leap a great distance and slam into and enemy. This attack freezes Guardians in the Crucible if it can’t kill them.

The Titans also get a Stasis wall grenade, much like the Hunter and Warlocks. This grenade attaches to any surface and the wall it creates wraps around the object it attaches to, providing maximum cover. A better look at the unique slide mechanic is shown where the Titan shatters a group of frozen enemies simply by sliding into them.


Fans of Destiny 2 want to see more of the game’s main characters in-action and active throughout the campaigns, like AI companions, and not simply talk to the player idly from a control room. It seems like The Exo Stranger will accompany the player to some extent in the campaign as she is found with the player outside the camp where she’s normally located.

The trailer gives a clearer view of the new mini-boss enemy that looks an awful lot like a miniature Insurrection Prime boss. Lastly, but certainly very interestingly, the trailer shows an overtly Leviathan themed sniper rifle. This is peculiar because all Leviathan themed content will be vaulted when Beyond Light launches and Bungie had declared that it will not be selling ornaments for older legendary weapons moving forward.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is available on November 10 for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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