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Destiny 2 players are used to the game’s weekly rhythms by now, but this week’s featured Nightfall: The Ordeal presents fireteams with a unique chance to easily score points.

An observant Destiny 2 player has discovered an exploit in the “A Garden World” weekly Nightfall Strike that allows fireteams to efficiently farm enemies for a quick 100,000 points. Weekly Nightfall Strikes offer explorers the opportunity to earn unique Exotic and Legendary rewards, but they can be hard to complete without coordination and/or a pre-assembled fireteam.

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To easily score 100,000 points in this week’s “A Garden World” Nightfall: The Ordeal Strike, players will need to assemble a squad of three players. The basic premise of the exploit involves sending two players ahead to complete the Strike normally, while one player stays behind farming Goblins, which will continue to conveniently spawn (the exploit.) Unfortunately for Bungie, this is only the newest of exploits and bugs affecting Nightfall Strikes.

In this case, one person should stay behind and continue running in and out of the Infinite Forest at the front gate. Doing so will force the opposing Goblins to respawn each time, allowing the player to rapidly rack up a mountain of points. Multi-taskers may want to take a look at some of the Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2020 challenges and line up their looting accordingly. It should also be noted that: the Goblins’ respawning is triggered when the game loads an area near the end of the tunnel into the Infinite Forest.

Players will have to proceed through the tunnel entirely once before this exploit can be performed. They will also have to enter the Infinite Forest and walk far enough into the tunnel to trigger the respawn each time – simply going through the gate and returning is insufficient.

As one of the three teammates continues to take down Goblins, the other two should simply proceed through the Strike as usual. Unfortunately, there’s no Strike glitch allowing 20 teammates in this case, so be sure to pick two solid teammates. By the time they’ve finished the mission, the team should be pleasantly surprised to see their total score reflecting the army of Goblins that was just defeated.

Being able to consistently earn 100,000 points from a weekly Nightfall Strike is significant because it also gives players the chance to earn rare Pinnacle Gear in return. As part of the weekly Nightfall: The Ordeal strike, players are tasked with several “challenges”, one of which is completing the Strike with a team score of 100,000+ points. Doing so allows players to earn some of the Pinnacle Gear needed to break level caps.

As of now, there are few ways to earn the level-cap busting Pinnacle Gear. The main avenues to Pinnacle Gear include the weekly Gambit/Strike/Crucible playlists, Iron Banner bounties, and scoring consecutive Trials of Osiris wins. Which is to say, players should take advantage of every opportunity they receive to earn Pinnacle Gear. “A Garden World” will be out of rotation as the Nightfall: The Ordeal Strike in just a few days, so players should assemble their teams ASAP.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions also in development.

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