Fable Is Apparently Not An MMO After All – Rumor


Yesterday saw what had been a long rumored return with the announcement of a new Fable. It was revealed with a cheeky and fun trailer that captured the humorous (and very British) tone of the series. We, unfortunately, got very little information about the game. Not long after that initial reveal, rumors began to fly that the game was actually an MMO, or MMO-lite, of some kind. Well, it seems new rumors have come to combat those rumors, saying it’s not the case.

As reported via Windows Central, several alleged sources “familiar” with this take on Fable say it is not an MMO. While these sources say there could be online service elements such as co-op and shared spaces, it will not be the level of an MMO.

Of course, as it stands these are also just rumors since we literally have nothing else to go on besides a blink and you’ll miss it CGI trailer. Right now we have no other details or even a time frame for when to expect it, so for now, it’s anyone’s guess what this Fable will end up being.

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