The Medium To Run 4K/30 FPS On Xbox Series X; Dual-Reality Gameplay Showcased

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One of the first next generation only games we saw was The Medium. The new horror game is one of the biggest productions from Bloober Team and looks like it could be something special. The game will launch this holiday season for both the PC on Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. It has has an interesting Dual-Reality gameplay gimmick, something we’ve only seen in screenshots so far, but now we get to see it in action.

A new video was released to showcase the dual-reality gameplay, which you can see below. The game essentially runs two different worlds, the “real” world and the spirit world in which you navigate at the same time. It’s somewhat trippy and hard to explain without seeing the visuals, but the two realities inform one another, and things you do in one will affect the other, and you can leave your physical form entirely when you need to use energy for puzzles or against hostile spirits.

The Medium will come to both Xbox Series X and PC at the end of this year, and as confirmed by the developer in the comment sections the game will run 4K/30 FPS on the Xbox Series X for both a “cinematic experience” and because of the rendering of the two worlds at the same time with limited to no loading.

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