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Even though the highly anticipated Beyond Light expansion for Destiny 2 has been pushed out into November, Bungie continues to slowly reveal new content to players. One of the biggest revelations, besides the Destiny 1 Exo Stranger character coming back, is that the game is getting a new damage type and new subclasses based around the ice powers of stasis. While Bungie hasn’t been shy about showing off the stasis abilities to this point, the Gamescom 2020 trailer finally gave the classes specific names.

The latest Destiny 2 trailer provides fans with much more insight into these new Stasis subclasses, giving them not only a name, but showing off the unique abilities they provide to players. As the Exo Stranger reveals in the trailer, the Darkness has arrived in the game’s universe and it’s up to players to use that power to become even stronger. The powers can also be combined to create even more devastating effects.

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Part of that comes in the form of these new subclasses. The Stasis Warlock is called the Shadebinder who summons a staff that uses frost to shatter their enemies. The trailer shows the warlock firing frost bolts at enemies, using an area of effect attack to shatter every enemy frozen around them. In addition, the Warlock also appears to cast a rift but instead of providing beneficial effects, it proceeds to freeze all enemies around them.

The Stasis Hunter goes by the name Revenant and summons what appears to be multiple pickaxes. The weapon can be thrown and can impact multiple enemies upon hit. In addition, the Revenant can launch into the air and crash down upon the ground shattering frozen enemies. Similar to the Gunslinger subclass, they also have a thrown dagger that can bounce multiple times off of walls and threw multiple enemies.

Finally, the Stasis Titan becomes the Behemoth who slams the ground to create a wave of ice spikes that crash into multiple enemies. In addition, Behemoth’s can leap into the air and crash down upon frozen enemies to shatter them instantly. While the power is active, the Behemoth also appears to gain some sort of ice armor.

Other things highlighted in the trailer are grenades. In once instance, a grenade is thrown and casts what appears to be an area of effect, applying slowing or freeze abilities on enemies nearby. The Ice Wall grenade is also shown off used defensively to block enemies or as a platform to reach higher areas.

Originally introduced back in June during the Beyond Light reveal stream, Stasis represents the fourth damage type to go along with Solar, Arc, and Void. Stasis also acts as a new darkness based subclass for Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters, giving them abilities that help freeze their opponents, build ice walls, and much more. Unlike the current set of subclasses, Stasis will be more customizable, letting players have more control over their active abilities rather than selecting an entire node of bundled skills.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions also in development.

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