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BioWare shocked many in the fandom when Dragon Age 4 was teased at Gamescom. The teaser didn’t show too much, but it reflected many details about what players should expect from the game. Concept art showed off beautiful locations, showed off a powerful and potentially new design for Solas, and more. However, two names were mentioned that do not exist in any sort of Dragon Age lore: Davrin and Bellara.

Before moving forward, it’s worth mentioning that this characters could, in theory, be anyone. They only thing for sure is that they appear in Dragon Age 4 and have not appeared in the franchise before. They could be NPCs, but given that the names were revealed via their voice actors, there is one supporting fact: the only other voice actor to be shown was Solas’, a companion in Dragon Age Inquisition.

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Davrin appears to be a Grey Warden, perhaps a true one unlike Blackwall, as his voice actor Ike Amadi screams, “For the Wardens!”Amadi has previously voiced characters in several games, including Titan in Final Fantasy 15, Davies in Fallout 4, and Javik in Mass Effect 3. On the other end is Jee Young Han voicing Bellara. She’s appeared in several tv shows and the like but last voiced Anthem‘s Sentinel Dax in video games.


Whether these are indeed companions in Dragon Age 4 or are just NPCs of some sort, fans should keep an eye out for their names in the future. Dragon Age 4 is still years away from release, which means companions are not likely to be revealed in full any time soon. For fans of the franchise, though, this appearances at Gamescom may just satisfy many fan demands. After all, between this appearance and the new Dragon Age 4 screenshots shown at EA Play, fans may be able to start connecting some dots, even if only in the realm of speculation.

For example, the aforementioned screenshots showed off Red Lyrium, a vital re-occurring plot device that may play a bigger role than ever. At Gamescom, lead writer Patrick Weekes spoke on how the plot would focus on those who are powerless and what happens when those in power do not want to address the world’s issues. Dragon Age 4 still likely takes place in Tevinter, so this is a perfect description of the country’s diplomatic policies, but furthermore, it separates Dragon Age 4 from DA: Inquisition. The Inquisitor inherited a ton of power, but that doesn’t seem be the case for the new protagonist. Nonetheless, time will tell what’s in store for the new main character, as well as new characters Davrin and Bellara.

Dragon Age 4 is in development.

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