EA Sports UFC 4 Guide – All Takedown and Clinch Moves

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EA Sports UFC 4 is out and changes have been made to a number of core systems. If you’re new to the game, it’s important to learn about takedowns. Takedowns are good for, well, taking an enemy down and then slowly working away at them. Initiate a takedown away from the cage for better chances of succeeding.

Here are the different takedown combinations that can be performed.

  • Single Leg Takedown – Hold LT/L2 and press X/Y
  • Double Leg Takedown – Hold LT/L2 and press Y/Triangle
  • Power Single – Hold LB/L1 and LT/L2 and X/Square to lift an opponent. Press any face button to take them down.
  • Power Double – Hold LB/L1 and LT/L2 and Y/Triangle to lift an opponent. Then press any face button to take them down.
  • Ankle Pick – Hold RB/R1 and X/Square to clinch. Press RB/R1 and B/Circle to take the opponent down.
  • Head Lock Hip Toss – Hold RB/R1 and X/Square. Then press RB/R1 and A/X to toss the opponent.
  • Lead Leg Trip – Hold RB/R1 and X/Square. Then hold Up and press RB/R1 and A/X
  • Back Leg Trip – Hold RB/R1 and X/Square. Then hold Down and press RB/R1 and B/Square.

Defending against takedowns is also important. You can block a takedown by holding down LT/L2 and RT/R2. Catching an opponent off guard with this will result in a takedown drive. While defending with LT/L2 and RT/R2, press the left stick in whatever direction your opponent is trying to push you. This can eventually result in you executing a takedown and turning the tables. If you’re attacking in a takedown drive, use left stick to push an opponent around – change up the directions when possible to keep them guessing and eventually bring them down.

All Clinches and Tips for Clinching

Clinching sees both opponents grabbing the other, usually when their stamina is depleted. It’s useful for catching a breather, avoiding an opponent, transitioning to takedowns and even striking an opponent quickly. Here are all the offensive clinch moves that can be performed.

  • Takedown/Submission Modifier – LT/L2
  • Advanced Transition Modifier – LB/L1
  • Rotate, Push and Pull Opponent – Left Stick
  • Grapple Stick – Right Stick
  • Left Punch – X/Square
  • Right Punch – Y/Triangle
  • Left Knee – A/X
  • Right Knee – B/Circle
  • Strike Modifier – RB/R1
  • High Block – RT/R2
  • Low Block – LT and RT/L2 and R2
  • Single/Double Leg Modifier – Flick the Left Stick
  • Advance Position – RB/R1 and X/Square or RB/R1 and Y/Triangle
  • Trip/Throw – R1/RB and A/X or R1/RB and B/Circle.
  • Submissions – LT/L2 and RB/R1 and either X/Square or Y/Triangle
  • Hooks – LB/L1 and either X/Square or Y/Triangle
  • Uppercuts – X/Square and A/X or Y/Triangle and B/Circle
  • Knees to the Body – LT/L2 and A/X or B/Circle
  • Elbows – LB/L1 and X/Square and A/X or LB/L1 and Y/Triangle and B/Circle

Let’s take a look at some defensive clinch moves next.

  • Defend Against Takedown – LT/L2 and RT/R2
  • Defend Submission – R2/RT
  • Single/Double Leg Defense Modifier – Flick the Left Stick
  • Clinch Escape – Flick the Left Stick to the left

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