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Embracer Group has acquired seven gaming studios including Metro developer 4A Games. Other acquisitions include Palindrome Interactive, Pow Wow Entertainment, and Rare Earth Games, as well as film and TV rights agent Sola Media.

Which studios has Embracer Group acquired?

The most prominent acquisition to come from Embracer Group's recent spate is Metro Exodus developer 4A Games. According to an Embracer Group press release, the group acquired 4A Games for $36 million, taking ownership of 100 percent of the company in the process. Embracer says that 4A has "initiated development on a brand new AAA IP" that will take into account its years of developing the Metro series, although we don't know exactly what form that project will take just yet.

In addition to 4A Games, Embracer also acquired six other studios via various subsidiaries including Saber Interactive, and THQ Nordic. Here are all of Embrace's recent acquisitions:

  • 4A Games – developers of the Metro series
  • New World Interactive – known for Insurgency and its sequel Insurgency: Sandstorm
  • Deca Games – current owners of MMO shooter Realm of the Mad God
  • Vermila Studios – a ten-person-strong development studio working on first-person horror adventure Crisol: Theater of Idols
  • Rare Earth Games – a new studio working on "a fresh take on online co-op survival action"
  • Palindrome Interactive – a 14-strong studio currently developing Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars for PC and consoles
  • Pow Wow Entertainment – a team working on an extant THQ Nordic IP and a new original roguelike platformer
  • Sola Media – an international family film and TV show distributor

In addition to these acquisitions, Embracer Group also shared its interim report for the first financial quarter of 2020 (between April and June this year). Embracer says it's seen a net sales increase of 81% on last year, with gaming net sales increasing by 153% compared with 2019's figure. If you're interested in the financial nitty-gritty, you can check out the full report right here.

How do you feel about Embracer acquiring these studios? Let us know in the comments below!

A shot of Metro Exodus, developed by 4A Games, a studio the Embracer Group has acquired


Embracer Group Acquires 4A Games, 6 Other Gaming Studios

Metro City Rampage

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