Microsoft Reports Xbox Gaming Revenue Up 64% For FY20 Q4; Services Also See Massive 65% Spike


As we slowly creep into a new generation of consoles, it’s fair to say for this one ending that Microsoft didn’t exactly get off on the best foot. The Xbox One launch didn’t go as well as expected, and by and large, the company seemed to really struggle to find their identity. But after unifying their console and PC gaming, as well as going all in with services, it seems they’ve recovered well enough, and the reports seems to back them up.

Microsoft unveiled their earnings report for FY20 Q4 earlier today, and in it they revealed that the Xbox gaming revenue had increased a total of 64% at $1.3 billion. Hardware revenue contributed it’s fair share with a bump up of 49% increase. And contents and service, such as things like Xbox Live and Game Pass, saw a massive 65% spike due to what was called “record engagement,” most likely largely driven by the COVID-19 outbreak and the various amount of people forced to stay at home. You can read the full details through here.

Seems like no matter what why you look at it, that’s a pretty strong quarter for the company. Unfortunately, as has become the standard, we don’t know how many Xbox Ones, software or Game Pass subscriptions there actually are out there, but that revenue is hard to argue with. The next system form the company is the Xbox Series X which is most likely to come this November, with the system having a games showcase tomorrow.

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