Rumour: Insider Says N64 Is Coming To Switch Online, Believes It Will Introduce A “Higher-Priced” Subscription Tier

Image: Nintendo Life A few weeks ago, known insider 'NateDrake' revealed on his podcast how Game Boy and Game Boy Color games would supposedly be coming to Nintendo's Switch Online service in the near future. Eurogamer added to this – noting how "other retro platforms" are also likely to show up. While no systems, in … Read more

Colors Live is Out Now on Switch

Some of you might recall the original Colors 3D, which was released for Nintendo 3DS in 2012. A successor to the homebrew Colors! app for Nintendo DS, Colors! 3D was a nifty drawing program that took full advantage of the handheld’s touch screen and stylus. Users could create and share art, and it was loved … Read more

Retailer Appears To Have Uncovered New And Sealed ’90s SNES Games, And They’re Up For Sale


Image: Nintendo Life It’s not often you stumble across brand new stock of games released in the ’90s when browsing your favourite game store, but here we are with one of the most intriguing retail listings you’re likely to see all year. German retailer Galeria Kaufhof has today added a brand new listing for Lufia … Read more

Daemon X Machina Is Probably Getting A Sequel, But It’s Going To “Take Time”

Daemon X Machina is currently celebrating its second anniversary. As part of this, Nintendo has also released a Switch Online trial. That's not all, though… During a special anniversary live stream, the game's producer, Kenichiro Tsukuda, stated how his team would eventually make a second entry. The only catch is it might take a while … Read more

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Is A First-Person Horror That Would Make Gordon Ramsay Barf

Hey, remember that Make-A-Wish nightmare burger restaurant that a kid made in Minecraft? If not, that sentence probably seems pretty wild, but the point is that Happy's Humble Burger Farm is that nightmare burger restaurant made reality. Or virtual reality, at least, because it's a video game. The first-person horror game has a bunch of … Read more

Memory Pak: If Crashing In Burnout Is Wrong, Then I Don’t Want To Be Right

Image: Criterion / EA Happy birthday, GameCube! It's been twenty years since your gorgeous, chunky indigo shape graced our TV stands, and we were all introduced to that beedle-deedle-deedle-deedle-beedle-deedle-beedly-beep, BLUMP. You know the one I mean. The GameCube's catalogue is so stellar that I've already written several features about its games, from my favourite game, … Read more

Hardware Classics: Nintendo GameCube

Image: Nintendo Life In celebration of the GameCube's 20th birthday, we're republishing this look back at Nintendo’s little box of tricks… In many ways, the GameCube was a console out of time, arguably arriving too late (or perhaps too early) to realise its true potential. We can look back now and appreciate its quirks, admire … Read more