Nintendo Direct: Wargroove 2 Release Date Announced


The turn-based tactical indie game, Wargroove 2, has been announced to release October 5 on the Nintendo eShop! Take command of the land, sea, and air with all new factions and dominate the battlefield with Supercharged Grooves. Play the roguelike solo campaign, create your own battle maps, or challenge others locally or online. Check out … Read more

Review: Have a Nice Death


Magic Design Studios launched Have A Nice Death in Early Access on Steam roughly a year ago. Created by a team of former Ubisoft employees, this roguelite puts you into the role of Death — CEO of Death Incorporated. Go figure that after thousands of years, even Death would be left dealing with the burnout … Read more

Why the Most Underrated Legend of Zelda Game Finally Deserves a Remake


  While Nintendo’s recent showcase of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kindom (the now properly named sequel to Breath of the Wild) rightfully has many fans buzzing, don’t be surprised if a few Zelda diehards seem a little disappointed by Nintendo’s latest Direct presentation. After all, a seemingly credible series of rumors strongly … Read more