Take a rogue-trip in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. meets Stranger Things survival game Pacific Drive


If you’ve ever thought you spotted something weird while driving through creepy woodland at night then you’ll probably be up for Ironwood Studios’ debut Pacific Drive, due out in 2023. It’s a first-person “road-lite” survival game that puts you behind the wheel of a customisable station wagon deep in a locked-down military test zone full … Read more

Half-Life 2: VR Mod beta makes the classic shooter fully playable in VR


Half-Life: Alyx demonstrated that Valve’s first-person shooter series could work in virtual reality, but who knows when Valve will release another one. Thankfully some modders have stepped in to fill the void. There’s now a publicly playable beta of Half-Life 2: VR Mod available on Steam that makes the nearly 20-year-old shooter playable with a … Read more

Genshin Impact is getting an anime adaptation, of course


As part of the presentation for Genshin Impact‘s 3.1 update, developers HoyoVerse revealed an anime adaptation of the anime-inspired MMO gacha game. Described as a “long-term project launch” with currently no release date, the anime is being produced in partnership with Demon Slayer and Fate/Zero and Demon Slayer animation studio Ufotable. There’s a three minute … Read more

The next EA Original is a fantasy hunting game set in feudal Japan from Koei Tecmo


The next EA Original has been announced, and it’s coming from Koei Tecmo and Omega Force, developers of the Dynasty Warriors series. Set in Japan during its feudal period but with a fantasy twist, EA and Koei Tecmo describe the as-yet-untitled project as “the next great hunting game”. Dispel those mental images of theHunter: Call … Read more

Forever Legendary, Forever Pirates: One Piece Odyssey Arrives January 13 for Xbox Series X|S


Commemorating the 25th anniversary of One Piece, Captain Monkey.D.Luffy and the legendary Straw Hat Pirates find themselves shipwrecked in One Piece Odyssey! This game is an RPG that combines classic staples of the JRPG genre with the unique elements of One Piece. One Piece Odyssey has been produced with some direct involvement from the author … Read more